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Why do people think Marijuana is bad for you?

Why do people think Marijuana is bad for you?

I know this question has been long discussed before by anti-drug advocates (specifically use information from abovetheinfluence.com) and marijuana smokers alike.What I like to say is the most of the information given off by anti-drug commercials is a load of Bull**** a nice big steamy one too. Saying Marijuana kills off braincells haha and that people that Young people who use marijuana weekly have double the risk of depression later in life.. Thats even funnier! I have smoked before and I was in a deep depression before that and no i didn’t pressured into doing it I chose to smoke it by myself just to see what happened and guess what… I’m still alive! My depression if anything is the least of my concerns anymore! This “drug” people say is bad for you… well they just pull answers for you not to smoke it out of their ass.. probably because they never smoked it.. and if they did and said it ruined their life well… it all depends on the person NOT every smoker is alike if you didn’t like it then fine stop smoking it and saying it’s an addiction because I know it’s not I smoke like what, every few months. Please people get your facts right I used to THINK just like you guy’s so don’t try to tell me I fell into peer pressure and that I’m dumb for smoking it.

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