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why is cannabis being ignored?

why is cannabis being ignored?

cannabis is a hemp oil that can cure cancer!!!! pharmaceutical companies wont posess this becuz u cant patent a plant, which means no money for them. so they would rather kill people then to help save them, thats doesnt sound like a pharmacy to me. the government makes no sense if you think about it. they think marijuana is so bad even though they used it in the 1800’s and 1900’s as medicene. now its a crime to posess it? wow. its proven that alcohol is worse than marijuana. the government is a bunch of idiots that TRY to control our lives. we will always smoke marijuana. we will always use hemp oil to try to save our lives on the verge of death. they arent stopping us at all. so all we want is it to be easier to obtain by legalizing it. does it sound right to put a working american in jail for simply possessing marijuana? is it right to put a working citizen is jail for trying to relieve pain?

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