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Why is good marijuana so hard to find?

Why is good marijuana so hard to find?

It would seem that the Mexican immigration issue could be handled by farming weed, marketing it properly, and making it easily available.

Why does the best marijuana have to come from Canada ? If these Mexicans are so hard working. why don’t they get their act together and properly sell bags of “Mr. DOOBIES” bags attched to a rose outside every Walmart? They could be huge ! Most would rather buy weed than booze. It is so much work tracking the stuff down. They ought to make Mexicans pay for their entry to AMERICA 5 POUNDS OF QUALITY WEED EACH. THEY THEN MUST SELL IT ! In rural areas too!

We all could then just chill out, and boost the economy buying Twizzlers and Fritos.
Mexicans are illegal too ! Why not make it worth the trip ?

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