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Why Some People think Marijuana Is Safe

Why Some People think Marijuana Is Safe

Some people like do Smoke Marijuana. They say it helps them fight depression, it is safe and helps people with arthritis as well as anorexic folks. Many Marijuana users claim there is a big dividing like between Marijuana, a.k.a. Mary Jane and some of it’s counter parts like Meth, Heroin, LSD, PCP. Statistics say that in the United States alone, over 30 million people have tried Smoking Pot at least once.They do it through pipes, bongs and rolling papers mostly referred to a “joints”. Some of the poor mans approach to doing it is usually through used up aluminum cans with holes cut in the middle of it. Then they light it with a lighter or match and use the area of the can where you drink the soda to inhale the smoke. This is a very common belief, especially around California where the establishment is seriously considering legalizing marijuana for the masses, provided the places that distribute it pay taxes on it. The near Bankrupt State of California sees this opportunity as a way to generate a couple extra billion dollars per year. Plus California is probably the most liberal state in the nation, and they see keeping this drug illegal is an unnecessary burden on law enforcement.Proponents of weed say it is even safer than Smoking Cigarettes or Drinking Alcohol.Believe it or not, “Buds and Suds” seem to be the choice for over millions of americans who have tried it at least once. You have to admit, I can’t remember ever hearing about someone overdosing on Marijuana or get extremely violent on it.However, it does make you lazy. And when you are lazy nothing gets done. And when nothing gets done, that can cause a lot of other problems and you can end up falling behind in life in general, and I think that’s where the problem comes in. No I don’t think trying it once or twice ever hurts, but that’s what everyone said that’s been smoking it for 10 years or more. When people start smoking pot they tend to want to do it more and more. I just think there’s a lot more positive things people should focus their energies on.

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