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Will eBay be discriminating against me as a buyer?

Will eBay be discriminating against me as a buyer?

I am an eBay member who mostly buys items. I choose not to buy from sellers who only accept Pay Pal or electronic credit or debit payments because I do not want my credit or bank information compromised. I do pay with “same as” cash Postal Money Orders, bank cashier’s checks or personal checks when the seller accepts these forms of payments. In October, eBay will require all sellers to only accept debit, PayPal, Pro Pay credit card electronic payments to pay for purchased items. This means I will not be able to participate in eBay buying as I will not risk credit card fraud or theft, which is so prevalent today. Also, what about people who have NO credit or checking accounts and could still pay with Postal Money Orders or similar “same as” cash methods. Is this legal? As eBay is not the owner of the items being sold. PayPal is a division of eBay… so more profits will be heading to the same pot. Would this be considered a monopoly? Can eBay force sellers to only accept electronic payments? And are they discriminating against individuals who choose not to use electronic payments? If so, What can be done legally to insure everyone can shop on eBay? Thanks in advance.
I am not concerned whether PayPal is air tight… as air tight has been breeched before. I am concerned whether it is legal for an institution to FORCE buyers to pay with a credit card as well as to FORCE sellers to only accept credit card when for 10 years people have had the option to use same as cash methods for purchasing their items.
NOTE: I would like to hear from lawyers or legal authorities.
NOTE to kleighs mommy: You are highly presumptuous. How dare you assume I am not a responsible buyer, as I have 100% feedback with a 300 + ratings since 1998. Also, you should learn to spell.

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