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Would I fall more in line with the Democrats or the Republicans?

Would I fall more in line with the Democrats or the Republicans?

I took several political quizes and here were my responses.

Abortion restrictions: Yes
Public campaign finance: No
Legalize same-sex marriage: Yes
More progressive taxation: No
Universal health care: No
Strengthening immigration laws: No
End capital punishment: No
Drug liberalization: Yes
Civilian gun control: No

If you were a member of Congress, how would you have voted on the following legislation.
Obamacare: No
Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act: Yes
Cap & Trade Bill: No
Matthew Sheppard Hate Crime Prevention Act: No
Extend Bush tax cuts: Yes
Freedom of Choice Act: No
Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009: No
Child Gun Safety Act of 2011: No
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: No
Repeal the Job-killing Health Care Law: Yes
Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal Act: Yes
DREAM Act: Yes

How did you or how would you have voted on the following.

Prop 1A – Bond High-Speed Rail: No
Prop 2: Regulations on Animal Confinement: No
Prop 3: Bond for Children’s Hospitals: No
Prop 4: Waiting Period and Parental Notification for Abortions by Minors: Yes
Props 5 and 6: Harsher Criminal Penalties and Law Enforcement Programs: Yes
Props 7 and 10: Promote use of Alternative Fuels: No
Prop 8: Prohibit Same-Sex Marriage: No
Prop 9: Sympathy for Non-Violent Drug Offenders: Yes
Prop 10: Citizen Commission to Draw Legislative Districts: Yes

Prop 15: Public Funding of Campaigns: No
Prop 16: 2/3 Votes Required for Local Electricity Providers: Yes
Prop 17: Discount for Those Who Have Had Continuous Auto Insurance Coverage: Yes
Prop 19: Legalize and Tax Marijuana: Yes
Prop 20: Federal Congressional Districts to be Re-Drawn by Citizen Committee: Yes
Prop 21: Increase Vehicle License Fee to Fund State Parks: No
Prop 22: State Gov’t Prohibited From Taking Certain Local Funds: Yes
Prop 23: Suspend AB 32 Until Unemployment Drops: Yes
Prop 24: Simple Majority to Pass Budget: No
Prop 25: 2/3 Vote Required to Raise Taxes: Yes
Prop 27: Return Redistricting to California Legislature: No
I don’t want to reward illegals. I think illegal immigrants should be deported and we should defend our borders. I think the DREAM Act is reasonable if it regulates those who do not meet rigorous standards so they can be deported.

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