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Would it or would it not boost the Americas economy by legalizing marijuana?

Would it or would it not boost the Americas economy by legalizing marijuana?

In my opinion many people who make arrogant comments about marijuana have never smoked it or most likely tried it once and didn’t enjoy the experience due to fear. I believe that it would be beneficial to legalize and tax marijuana for many reasons. 1. All of those hundreds pounds of marijuana that are seized by the government or police officers can be tested in labs for impurities and sold+taxed this would greatly benefit the economy. 2. Legalizing marijuana would greatly reduce drug related crimes because of the fact that it would eliminate the need of a marijuana user to have to deal with questionable characters known as the drug dealer. 3. It is the most popular illicit drug in America. 4. It is the leading cause of drug related arrests in America. 5. It is less harmful than aspirin which is a drug.( you can overdose on aspirin but it is impossible to overdose on marijuana.) I also believe the reason why many people who use marijuana are perceived to be lazy or unintelligent is because of the fact that marijuana is so frowned upon by society leading the main people who use the drug initially to be underachievers and ones who could care less about societies expectations. Maybe the side effects of paranoia and anxiety derive from the illegality of the drug.
But what do you think? And if you have nothing intelligent to say or feel the need to make a comment about my life which you know nothing about don’t waste my time/yours.

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