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Would pot (or medical marijuana,whatever sounds better) help my Grandfather?

Would pot (or medical marijuana,whatever sounds better) help my Grandfather?

I cannot believe I am doing this. But, here’s the problem, my 72 yr. old grandfather has colitis(sp?) it’s a terrible stomach aliment that there is no cure for. You can only treat it, but so far, not a single medication the doctors have prescribed for him over the past year and a half has worked. He is in a tremendous amount of pain and cannot eat. Now, because of that, he has other problems arising. He’ s always tired, grumpy and uncomfortable. It kinda sucks, he cant eat because his stomach hurts, but then it hurts that much more if he doesn’t. So, he just figures sleep. It is so hard to see. My grandparents are really, my everything, the parents I never had. It kills me to see him like this. He is usually a very active man, gardening, building, idk, just, grandpa stuff i guess you’d call it 🙂 I’ve been thinking for a few months now, Pot could maybe help. At least with the eating and mellowing his stomach out when he does, even something small like a 1/2 a sandwich bothers him, and, I’m not like an advocate for pot, I just think it might help. on the other hand, if he were to smoke, I;m worried if it will bother other problems he has. He’s diabetic and was a smoker for over 20 years when he had a heart attack, he had to have a quadruple bi-pass about 13-14 yrs. ago. and he quit smoking right away, but it didn’t stick until about a year later. I brought it up to him, only half serious, but he’s at the point now where nothing has worked, so, he will try anything. The last medication he was on, is stuff from WAY back in the day that’s a crazy strong opiate (the name escapes me, I know it starts with a P) even that didn’t help. So, I don’t know, like I said, I’m not big on the whole my grandpa smoking pot, but, I think it will help, and not for long term, but at least the guy will get to eat a meal!! hes lost 50 lbs! I just really will try anything to make him feel better.

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