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Would this law concering marijuana work?

Would this law concering marijuana work?

I was thinking about a law legalizing marijuana, the law would consist of three licenses a growers, dealers, and possessors. Each would entail a fee along with mandatory drug awareness courses. The growers license would only be available to individual farmers preferably those would are receiving heavy subsidies from the federal government, and those who do not have a criminal record concerning other substances, tax evasion, or violent crime. Presumably this would take money from the underground economy as well as adding to the coffers of both the state and federal government.
The structure would be as such:
Possessors 8 hour course (topics such as harmful effects, DWI with marijuana, and proper handling procedures: marijuana in vehicle has to be in original packaging, no dirty paraphenalia)
approx $100-150 fee
Dealers: 24 hour course 3 days (all topics of possessors plus criminal violations for minors and sale to non-possessors, a valid tobacco license is required and must be renewed on a yearly basis, although course is required only once every five years) Fee of approx $400
Growers: 40 hour course (all possessor topics plus serial regulation and required packaging instructions, also USDA guildlines for acceptable cultivation procedures) fee of $2,000 dollars on a yearly basis.
No subsidies given to these farmers, the revenue that they make from the marijuana which sells for a thousand times more than corn would eliminate their need for subsidies, they get those already for other agricultural products so if we can eliminate them, we save a lot of money and self respecting farmers no longer have to rely on government handouts, but I like the idea of not having a possessors license.

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