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Wouldn’t society be BETTER with the legalization of marijuana?

Wouldn’t society be BETTER with the legalization of marijuana?

I think it’s been made pretty clear by statistics that there is not one death ever attributed exclusively to the use of marijuana. It’s less harmful then alcohol, there has NEVER been one case of lung cancer or any cancer caused by marijuana in the 10,000 year recorded history of the “drug” and if you can prove me wrong on any of this, please, do so, but show your source. Don’t just throw out your non-sense talk. It’s doesn’t cause brain damage or anything of that nature at all.

And also, the gateway theory. The only reason it’s a gateway to other drugs is because of the black market dealers pressuring you to buy stronger drugs, in that sense there would be less abuse of cocaine and the like if it was legal. But even now only 1 in 100 marijuana smokers will try cocaine.

And it CANNOT be tied into violent crimes or crimes in general, it makes you pacifist. The first two prints of the declaration of independence was written on hemp for God’s sake. Marijuana is a multi BILLION dollar business in the US alone, you know how much money the government could make on taxes if it were legal and help to stimulate our economy? I don’t get it, the USA would be better, not worse if marijuana was legal, hemp farms could start again, our tax dollars wouldn’t have to be spent on jailing people that did absolutely NOTHING wrong. What are your thoughts?
High drivers are actually concentrated, safe and even paranoid about driving good. I’m pretty sure you need to look at some of the statistics for drunk drivers vs. high drivers. High drivers is about the same as death by marijuana: ZERO.
There were 16,885 alcohol-related fatalities in 2005 – 39 percent of the total traffic fatalities for the year. Dept of Transportation
About 41 people die a day from drunk driving accidents.

Why beer is legal and marijuana not, is far beyond me.

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