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Younger Li Rucheng: This is the moment of hemp in China – Younger, Li Rucheng – Clothing industry

Younger Li Rucheng: This is the moment of hemp in China – Younger, Li Rucheng – Clothing industry

Industrial hemp, as far horizon just exposed the ship masts, and like the early morning gushing out of their way to the sun, or the mother’s body restless baby, its implementation, will bring the entire garment industry in the spring. The world’s first production line of hemp “Industrial hemp in China results surprising, from the Younger You can find Chinese companies ambitious development strategy. “In the April 15, 2009 organized by the Forum on China’s natural fiber, hemp from the Australian expert said Mr. PhilWarne. 2009 China Forum is a natural fiber natural fiber in 2009, the United Nations series of themes. In this forum, FAO Representative in China to the People’s Liberation Army General Logistics Department, Ms. Hemp Research Center, Youngor Group, Hemp Industry Investment Holdings Co., Ltd., presented the three units of natural fibers Award for outstanding contribution to integrated applications. Younger done to allow foreign experts so Surprised? What makes the Younger to the medals awarded by the United Nations? Natural fibers in the day before the Forum, in Xishuangbanna Menghai Industrial Park, the world’s first industrialized hemp fiber production line officially put into production, China Textile Five Academy of Engineering, the industry personally cut the ribbon for the production line. “This hemp fiber production line is a new starting point, shows that our technology in the utilization of hemp materials and the industrialization of scientific research has come to the front of the world.” Yao Mu Yuanshi, visited the production line was very happy. He said, indicating that Chinese enterprises developed out of pure hemp textiles of the past tradition of simple constraints, processed hemp fiber to adapt to cotton, wool and chemical fiber blended with a variety of makes the application of hemp fiber can be integrated into the textile industry system especially in the cotton system, which is a great achievement. Involved in technology development Hemp Industry Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager of smart fast that hemp fiber production line of key equipment, such as sub-fiber washing machines equipment not only to achieve continuous production, and Environmental protection Energy, is completely self-developed equipment. The historical mission of responsibility “5 years ago, is not a complete grasp of the situation, we will invest in hemp cultivation and processing of hemp fiber, hemp and comprehensive utilization of research projects. This is the development of their business requirements, which is also given to Ya Gore’s responsibility. “Chairman Li Rucheng so complex about his hemp. Liru Cheng said, “China in the textile and apparel big country, the world’s largest textile and raw materials consumption power, the demand of cotton last year, more than 35% of import dependence, and other textile resources is scarce. Hemp fiber as a new resource, market bright future. ” In his view, “The successful production of hemp fiber is the industry, research institutions, universities, planting base Cooperation A successful example is the textile industry a new industrial revolution. ” “Textile and apparel industry is not just a simple manufacturing, but also concerned about the environment, friendly, friendly and social responsibility to employees, industry responsibility, and in the prosperity of the market, beautify, in particular, is to guide the healthy, sustainable way of life responsibilities. “Sun Rui Zhe, said that only a few ways to do more in order to realize a Major from the textile and textile power changes. The “Younger” and industrial hemp to explore, just to match with. “Younger’s efforts to not only find a development direction for the industry, and they created in the process of civil-military cooperation, research and production cooperation model for the development of China’s textile industry provides a good reference.” Sun Rui Zhe that hemp development is not merely the product itself, but its influence is far-reaching. People’s Liberation Army General Logistics Department Director of the Centre Jianchun hemp hemp industrialization will be described as “distant horizon has just exposed the ship masts, and like 7-8 o’clock in the morning gushing out of their way to the sun, or the mother body restless baby. ” The realization of industrial hemp, spring will bring the entire garment industry. 5 years, 20 years to go the way of foreign 6 years ago, attended the National “” period, from the People’s Liberation Army General Logistics Department Li Rucheng Quartermaster Equipment Institute project leader Jianchun hemp hemp research and development, where understanding the situation. In a comprehensive study of hemp, the Li Rucheng its determination “to firmly place this benefits the country and the industry bigger and stronger.” 2005, the Younger People’s Liberation Army General Logistics Department jointly, the joint technical research and technology subjects in 2007 and jointly invested 200 million yuan should set up a hemp Investment Holdings Limited, to carry out hemp cultivation in Yunnan Xishuangbanna and hemp fiber processing, utilization of hemp and other projects.

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