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yu-gi-oh: can anyone rate/fix my deck?

yu-gi-oh: can anyone rate/fix my deck?

cards= 42

monsters (20)

x2 goggle golem
x2 shield warrior
x2 des koala
x1 red eyes zombie dragon
x1 newdoria
x1 level warrior
x1 bowganian
x1 obnoxious celtic guard
x1 drillago
x1 fortress warrior
x1 ultimate tyranno
x1 mine golem
x1 mechanical hound
x1 grasschopper
x1 zero gardna
x1 turbo booster
x1 fusilier dragon, the dual-mode beast

spell (12)

x2 mirage tube
x1 mystical space typhoon
x1 pot of greed
x1 misfortune
x1 reload
x1 hammer shot
x1 fissure
x1 poison of the old man
x1 giant trunade
x1 nightmare’s steelcage
x1 ookazi

traps (10)

x2 sakuretsu armor
x1 compulsory evacuation device
x1 enchanted javelin
x1 threatening roar
x1 coffin seller
x1 shadow spell
x1 birthright
x1 call of the haunted
x1 ominous fortunetelling

oqay well, what i want is to get my most powerful monsters on the field, meanwhile i am looking to inflict damage and protect my other monsters from attacks so i have a better change to tribute summon my powerfull monsters, so how do you rate my deck? what can be fixed?

by the way, i have been looking for cards that have effects that work from the graveyard/when sent to the graveyard (that fit my deck) any ideas??

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