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Amotivational syndrome, Teens, & Marijuana

Amotivational syndrome, Teens, & Marijuana

There is line of demarcation drawn in the Marijuana circles, and it’s with teens. Part of the turf that goes with the adult side, is that as an adult, I’m armed with all the information and guidance I need to make a concrete decision. If that decision includes the use of Marijuana, no one should feel one way or another regarding the choice. With teens, it needs to be a lot different, especially in light of a dark cloud over pot – “amotivational syndrome”.  Actually,  many professionals suggest that the following definition shouldn’t even exist: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – Amotivational syndrome is a syndrome associated with diminished inspiration to participate in normal social situations and activities, with lapses in apathy caused by an external event, situation, substance, relationship, or other cause.

Some people merely view cannabis intoxication, as the stumbling block. Others feel that a personality trait intermixed with chronic Marijuana use, is the culprit. As a former Cross-Country coach, I can weigh in with a birds-eye view of teens and pot. I certainly witnessed a lot of diminished inspiration to participate in normal activities…furthermore,

when teens bailed out of the sport, I saw where they bailed out to. Every campus has a slice of social strata –  jocks, nerds, loadies, Goth, punk, bangers, whatever. When a kid leaves one, he normally gravitates to another, and eventually his business is all around campus. Cross-Country is a very disciplined sport, and involves serious training over many hills and miles after school. Most kids who blaze a joint, blunt, or bowl at lunch –

have diminished  inspiration to run 10 miles after school. Eventually, they quit the sport altogether, as the two are extremely incompatible.

Teens are really going to need extra guidance during the Medical Marijuana transition,possibly getting the wrong message. But make no mistake about it, our youth is just that, youthful. As such, young people still need to hear an adult message that promotes unadulterated drive. A message that incorporates every chance at becoming the best in their endeavors – Cross-Country, Drama, Music, Art, Future Farmers of America or whatever.  Amotivational syndrome may not actually exist, but I know for sure of one that does. The unnamed condition of a young person saying, “I just don’t give a crap about running anymore”.


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