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Best Fertility Method When All Else Has Failed

Best Fertility Method When All Else Has Failed

As Brenda jogged past the playground she couldn’t help but notice. There were two toddlers sitting in the sandbox building castles, four other kids sat on the swings briskly pumping their legs back and forth while still dozens more were running around the grass in no particular order or pattern just having fun giggling laughing and being children.  

Brenda wanted to be one of the mothers sitting on the bench browsing the day’s paper or engaged in the most recent novel to hit the New York bestsellers list. She and her husband had tried everything but had yet to come across the best fertility method, or really any method that resulted in a pregnancy.

There are millions of women just like Brenda all around the world constantly searching for the best fertility method that could bring them the greatest gift that any human being can ever experience, the birth of a child.

This article is going to discuss several proven methods for increasing your odds of conceiving and somewhere in here I’m sure you’ll locate the best fertility method for you.

All of the recommendations and tips provided below come directly from Web MD and the most recognized source for medical information on the Internet today. When looking for the best fertility method you have to make sure to weed through unreliable information and be assured that the methods you choose only come from a credible source.

The best fertility method or methods start at home. There are multiple ways to track ovulation at home. The methods for estimating when you are ovulating are called “fertility awareness” and they include:

1. Charting your cervical mucus changes2. Keeping track of your basal body temperature monthly.3. Use of a doctor recommend home ovulation test to track when you ovulate.4. There are online interactive tools to allow you to roughly calculate what time of the month your fertility peaks. These can be important tools for finding the best fertility method for you.5. You and your husband should refrain from sex during the five days prior to your six-day “fertility window” which is the five days leading up to and your ovulation day.6. If you’re unaware of your ovulation day and you should engage in sex 2 to 3 times per week.7. If you’re someone who often engages in rigorous physical activity then you should reduce the amount of physical activity you engage in because physical stresses can cause women to ovulate less often, which would obviously defeat the point of finding the best fertility method for you.

Another important factor in finding the best fertility method as it relates to your husband is making sure to protect his sperm count. In doing this make sure to:

1. Restrict or limit the amount of drinking he engages in and eliminate any smoking, marijuana use, or other illegal narcotics. Any one of these can prevent even the best fertility method from working appropriately.2. Maintaining a reasonable BMI or body mass index will not only increase the health of both individuals but also increase your chances of conceiving.3. If lubrication is used during intercourse make sure to avoid any that damage or kill sperm.4. Like in women strenuous physical activity can decrease fertility. So a reduction in strenuous activity may be needed only if he engages in strenuous physical activity most days of the week.5. Fevers have been shown to decrease sperm count even months after the fever has passed so do your best to control any fever if you become ill while attempting to conceive.6. Also avoid hot tubs, saunas and tight undergarments that can cause the testes to overheat. High scrotal temperatures have adverse effects on sperm count and can once again be counterproductive to even the best fertility method.

These are just some of the fertility methods that Web MD had to offer luckily there are still many more outlets for locating the best fertility method that you can acquire while searching the Internet.

Stop taking shortcuts and go to http://www.bestfertilitymethod.com and find out why you can’t get pregnant.

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