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Concerta Q&A

Concerta Q&A

1st daytime on concerta? so today i got diagnosed with ADHD, and tommorow morning before school im starting on concerta. Now ive done my reasearch and ive learend some stuff, but as most things, most information is learend b experience. so if you’ve be on, or are on concerta please report to me what i should expect on my first week of it. next week…Adderall or concerta which is more decisive for ADHD? I have a 13 year old daughter with ADHD. She has be on meds since 2nd grade.Started off with Ritalin.Then in 5 level went to Concerta and it was keeping her awake.Then we went to strattera til about 7th category.That didn’t work and she was still staying thin so we are trying adderall,work for a bit…Adhd add on concerta? okay so i started taking concerta. this is my first day. i am taking 19 hours in summer school and only hold 2 more years til i graduate college!! woo hoo! ps. im only 19. anyways i took it and once it started to kick in i kind of consistency a little buzzed.. like i had a drink or two.Does the tenderness from taking Copaxone ever be in motion away? This is my third time on the drug. Always after a few weeks on it I start experiencing weakness. This is the type of weakness where I’m bone tired, but can’t sleep. Any treatments for this? I can take concerta when I want, but choose not to because it cause so much afterward anxiety.Marijuana and Concerta a moral combo? Each month I start out by treating my self to some bud to reward my self after staying clean a month. I get drug tested every month. Anyway i have never taken concerta or any ADD medication in my enthusiasm, but got my hands on some recently. I was wondering if mixing the two, bud and concerta would be…Melatonin taken near concerta? I have a prescription for concerta but almost never take it. I did today because I have a test coming up and obligation to study. Last night I only slept for two hours because I was working on another project so I really wanted to sleep ably tonight but having taken concerta sometimes I have a hard time falling asleep.Melatonin taken next to concerta? I have a prescription for concerta but almost never take it. I did today because I have a test coming up and want to study. Last night I only slept for two hours because I was working on another project so I really wanted to sleep okay tonight but having taken concerta sometimes I have a hard time falling…Methylphenidate concerta and ritalin, how much could potentially annihilate you and ? what amount of ritalin can kill you or cause permanent damage to any internal organs? what amount of methylphenidate concerta can kill in cold blood you or cause permanent damage to any internal organs? what sort of signs are there, if you could potentially suffering extreme internal impairment? at hand are…Mixing seroquel and concerta next to marijuana? Well I started taking seroquel two nights a go. I took it once . I also take 1-2 Concerta everyday. Well I was told not to ingest any other drugs . But I smoked some weed, i’ve smoked weed pretty regularly for the past three years, I weight 110 pounds . At some point I…My 10 year older twins started taking concerta contained by October to comfort their mentality surrounded by class. Is it Good.? I think that you did the best thing for your kids by putting them on an ADHD medication. All of these people who answered above, don’t know what they are talking around. They don’t understand what it’s like to go through…My son is almost 5 years out-of-date he a moment ago get diagnosed next to adhd. the doctor but him on 18mg of concerta? he has been on the meds for about four days and he seems more helpful than he was before so i was wondering how long is it going to take to embezzle effect. i am confused never had to deal with…Oxcarbazepine (trileptal) + concerta and sun sensitivity? I have been trying to look and see if these medicine’s cause sun sensitivity. I just cant really find anything though. Please explain it and pass me a website as well to go to just in grip i have more questions… – Trileptal and Concerta do not have any known reaction with sun exposure .i.e.Paxil vs. concerta, answer this please? OK, this may seem like a crazy 😛 question. But I take Paxil, my daughter take Concerta. Which of us is more crazier? – *more crazy. and neither. it’s just whatever medication works best for you. it has nothing to do beside being “more crazy” than another. for instance, bob and john…Problems next to concerta? I take concerta for ADHD. I’ve been on it for about 6 or 7 years, taking 108mg a day. Recently, I quit cold turkey for around three months. (I know this is desperate for me but whatever) Anyway, I noticed that my quality of life was ten times better. I become outgoing, I made a bunch of new friends, my grades…Puppy and concerta 54 mg? our son is on concerta 54mg. central nervous system. each extended-release tablet for once-a-day oral administration contains 18, 27, 36, or 54 mg of methylphenidate HCl USP and is designed to own a 12-hour duration of effect. now, here is what i need. he dropped his pill on the floor. we think our puppy has ate it. she is…Question ABOUT concerta? yeah i’m gonna take it for the first time, i have a very very impressively mild case of ADD and i’m gonna take some, i have 2 27mg tablets and i was wondering if 1 is satisfactory to help me concentrate for finals? and it’s my first time does that make any difference? – Take anything that they…Question almost concerta and adhd? my bf takes concerta for about 2 or 3 years now but has be on pills for adhd since he was about 6. about 7 months ago he started skipping them and taking them on and off, immediately he doesn’t take them at all. i was wondering if this could have any denial effects. also i was wondering what exactly…Question around Concerta? Hi, i am not perscribed concerta but i have lots of studying to do this week and i have some questions before i lift it. i have a 54mg pill and im 120lbs, should i cut it in half for my first dosage? also im alergic to ceclor, will i have an issue? gratefulness also high blood pressure runs in the family…Question give or take a few concerta? Ok, why would they perscribed a stimulant. Is it for money purposes? Does it have a similar structure to amphetamines? – Yes, concerta is in the amphetamine family. It is essentially long-lasting ritalin. In people beside ADD/ADHD, it stimulates the parts of the brain that will facilitate focus and self-control. ~Dr. B.~ Questions around concerta ? i was prescribed concerta 36mg today and im going to Start taking it tomorrow. I want to ask some questions about it and would like them to be answered by associates who have taken it. 1.how did it make you feel,better? worse? 2.did you lose your appetite alot? did you lose any weight? specify your dosage. -thanks i hold 54mg…Side effects of concerta and zoloft? seperate and together? Im taking them, and it’s not helping at all with my feeling of emptiness and awkwardness and deficiency of social skills and self- defeating thots… nothing’s changing yet. ive been on concerta, but zoloft, this is my first year with it. appreciate all answers Talk to your pharmacist. They can look up this…SOMEBODY ******* HELP: CONCERTA? I am only 120 pounds and cut a concerta 36 mg in half circumfrence wise. Took one have then found out tht ruins the time release thing does tht mean i took too much?? i took the amphetamine side – Ur Fine, chill out! 120 lbs is not uncommon for 36mg of concerta. You may perceive more irritibility. …Strattera and Psycosis? I just took 25 mg of strattera and keep thinking im hearing things(im generally paranoid resembling that). Also ive read that it can cause psychosis. Is the psychosis risk with strattera greater than with the older adhd meds. Thanks b.c. if it is i will ry something topical like adderall or concerta. Thanks Strattera is less likely to cause psychosis than other…Strattera or concerta, wich will curtail appetite more? my doctor is thinking of putting me on either strattera or concerta but i want to know wich will reduce my appetite more so i can ask not to be put on it. if anyone know that would be great thanks I’m on Concerta and my appetite is totally normal. That said, its different for everyone. try…Street attraction of concerta? My cousin recieved a baggie of concerta with 18 and 36mg’s mixed. He wants to sell it but i want to see how much he can make bad it. What a great place to ask such a question. Wow. But, to answer your question, $1-2 though i wouldnt recommend it. actually i take concerta. you can obtain about 2 or…Taking Concerta next to no time release while have ADHD. effects? If a person with ADHD takes a concerta with no time release on their pill what would the effects be? – Im assuming you tight, they removed the contents from the capsule? The white powder inside the capsule is just Ritalin, all the other gunk is park of the time release…Taking zoloft and concerta? My doctor prescribed both…zoloft for paranoia and phobia and concerta for A.D.D. and on top of that he prescribed (I dont remember the name of it but I know it’s like Valum) to help me sleep at dark. Is this normal?? My real question is, I’ve been of Zoloft 5 days presently, first i had some off side affects but now…Tell me the diffrece between adderall and concerta? i was on concerta and it dosent mix well with my body and im being put on concerta,. convey me thdifferenceses and and everything i should know about adderall please and thanks – both are medications used to treat ADD/ADHD. Concerta is controlled-release methylphenidate while Adderall is amphetamine salts and can be direct or… More Concerta questions please visit : DrugsFreeFAQ.com


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