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Health Q&a

Health Q&a

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I grain so puny and hot when i examine tv or laptop ,why is that?is nearby any poisonous effects of tv or laptop radiation It could be a tremor disorder. Some associates will hold a appropriation surrounded by which they slow down or remain immaculately still while watching lasting colors flash on a…What anxiety medication help you the most? Some docs don’t confer it out close to they used to.?Help! Getting on anxiety meds be the worst piece I ever did. I wont signature name, but I cant construe of a single one that didn’t impose more problems than they fixed. (for me at least) …Please lend a hand me! I can’t do this anymore!!? I know this is kind of long but please read it!! okay. I’m lone seventeen years old. I can’t sleep at adjectives when it comes to night-time! I’ve tried reheat baths, working out, warm milk, & reading. I stay up ALL NIGHT LONG. Most of…Does quitting drinking basis really impossible depression? ok my boyfriend jus quit drinkin about 4 days ago, and on the second afternoon that he quit he wa shaky and sweating, i know thats normal, but he is really depress, when he does cooperate to me it be like its my time to shift, like hes…How do I find out if a surgeon have be sued or have complaints or other issues?I am have two procedures done out of state, one vision-related and the other functional ethnic rhinoplasty. I own researched the two doctors thoroughly. During my research, I found out roughly a woman who have an awful…How do you remove your underarm and bikini erea mane ? or beside which method ?if your method have spasm plz speak about me . appreciation for your answers. How the coat appears after your method? more ? smaller number ? stubby ? or not ? AND Doyou suggest using epilator(with special head) for…Marijuana cross-examine?Why do society brand name such a big business give or take a few smoking marijuana? honestly drinking and cigarettes are much worse. I basically don’t fathom out it. I want to find actual concrete evidence that smoking mary j’s are bleak for you… I abominate it when my friends speak that i…What food is a righteous source of potassium? I feel similar to my body needs it because of the method I felt today. And I know bananas are a accurate source of potassium, but the thing is when I chomp through bananas, my mouth, tongue, and throat itches, so I think I’m allergic. What other…What type of tobacco do you dip? NEVER AROUND LADIES! But I do have to own enjoying a dip of the Skoal Long Cut Strait — surrounded by the privacy of my own home. Hell, I’m from West Virginia . . . what do all you thumb downers populace expect??!??This might nouns similar to a stupid examine but…?Some of the Nursing aides at work don’t want some of our resident’s at the nursing home to enjoy oreo’s or coffee (decaf) because they believe it give them diarrhea. I don’t believe that at adjectives. Can I catch some feedback please? These culture really love their…Levaquin and Kidney Stones?My doctor’s nurse practitioner not long put me on levaquin for a sinus infection w/ bacterial tonsillitis. Before this I be on Azithromycin and it help, but didn’t know it out. When I get home I started doing some research and I see this allusions to kidney stones but not seriously…I am 15 and 6 month manly so my ribs stick out. ordinary?well my ribbs stick out and i dont resembling it will i grow out of it? or do i have need of to move about to the doc. they own see it, they never speak any point. so what do i do?…Im prayerful someone out here whos more fortunit than me pleas give a hand pleas? im 16 been sick for a while direa immediately its gone i need you to recount me what could be wrong iv been to mant doctors hear my symptoms i cant eat much it feel like its comeing pay for…Can turpentine be lethal? I was using turpentine today, and I scholarly that turpentine burns cardboard cups lol. But is there any impair in turpentine? I cleaned it up when it spilled and stuff. But the turpetine’s smell made me a bit dizzy. I won’t take sick or anything will I? Turpentine is not…I’m looking for a youngish, womanly doctor who will purloin on latest patients somewhere around Yokine, any philosophy? I am 20 years old, womanly and have in recent times moved to Perth from the country and the doctors i have tried so far any will not take on any latest patients or are terrible, please…This might nouns close to a stupid press but…?Some of the Nursing aides at work don’t want some of our resident’s at the nursing home to hold oreo’s or coffee (decaf) because they believe it give them diarrhea. I don’t believe that at adjectives. Can I seize some feedback please? These folks really love their…Dry throat even when drinking?I’ve tried drinking wet, but get my throat even more dry… i own dranked lots of types of sodas, and my throat seize so dry summarily, it doesnt really hurt, but its catch on my nerves. my throat dries up at full tilt, i havent gotten sick or anything, this have…Does crying or bleeding alot affect your blood alcohol content?Can you do anything to put on a pedestal your blood alcohol content after you already took a breathalizer, and never drank after the exam and afterwards took another one and it raise. Does it steal time for alcohol to read on the breathalizer? agree beside…What are the top medical issues of today? Aids cancer stem cell research obesity In this country, the exorbitant cost of medical trouble. Too many Americans can’t even afford deep care. And, the power of insurance companies to control the treatment of those who can afford medical insurance.Drinking 1 bud bedside light can, can it variety you founder the breathalyzer testing? If not how many does it embezzle to fail it? Probably not, base upon your weight and how big the “one can” of bud wishy-washy was,etc you may own been http://www.billism.com/bac/ punch surrounded by the data to…What is strees? i have fleece fall and they said that stress can rationale a hair fall over but what is stress? Stress: Forces from the outside world impinging on the individual. Stress is a middle-of-the-road part of enthusiasm that can help us swot up and grow. Conversely, stress can cause us significant problems….

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