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How I’m Advocating Medicinal Marijuana Use

How I’m Advocating Medicinal Marijuana Use

Hello, my name is Danielle Alexandra and I would like to Present to you: Under Federal Law, How I’m Advocating Medicinal Marijuana Use in the United States. Did you know that you may be sent to prison for possession of over two pounds of pot, federally? And don’t even get me started with the state laws. Most state laws are more strict than the federal law and with the ‘Compassionate Act’ it is not the province of the state courts to enforce federal laws. (Funny how ‘compassionate’ makes that act sound so friendly and helpful, but really many people probably end up in state prisons because of it). Anyways! Under federal law, why and how I’m advocating medicinal marijuana use. Oh, please do graze the sources before hand, I wouldn’t want you to be ill informed of the written in stone, punishable by law intricacies I’m gathering my argument from: www.safeaccessnow.org www.washingtonpost.com norml.org I would like to be an advocate for legal medicinal marijuana use and not give the appearance of an illegal pot obtaining, smoking, and dealing criminal. While explaining to right wing law-upholding, gun toting officials the medicinal benefits of the plant I do not believe reeking of pot would be beneficial for my argument. That is the reason why I have discontinued smoking and participating in illicit drug activities, and have begun to advise others of my stance. The law does not let convicted criminals vote in presidential elections, it is a federal fact. What makes anyone

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