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Lawyers Faq

Lawyers Faq

a question for lawyers out there or anyone who knows about laws & rights & contracts.?I did some freelance modeling a while back. However, I wish to gain back the copyrights to my pictures because I realized that one of the photographers who has been shooting me has been posting all images online to the public. However, he.do i have a good case?for the last 5mths i work at my job. i never receive a lunch break.now they fire me without a reason. ps. if you have any lawyers number email it to me. Call Legal Aid. – I think you’re not being honest and telling the whole story. No employer in his right mind.Do female lawyers face discrimination in the workplace/school?According to the Princeton Review, as well as several other reputable sources, women can be treated poorly by their male classmates in law school. In fact, the PR includes a list of ‘women-friendly’ universities because this sexism is so widespread. Also, I have read that often women often are passed over.Do I have a chance in court without a lawyer concerning probate and civil suits?The probate has been going on since june 28 2003 and has not been resolved yet. My siblings have filed 4 civil suits against me concerning the probate. I should mention my siblings have plenty of money to hire numerous lawyers and I do.Do judges need to be attorneys?Do appointed court judges need to be attorneys A college degree and work experience is the minimum requirement to be a judge. Most judges have worked as lawyers. In fact, Federal and State judges usually must have worked as lawyers. That means that they need to go to law school. Law school usually.Do judicial laws truly favor the rich? (Those who can afford high powered lawyers/ can influence judges)?Note all those recent cases where criminals get away with commiting all kinds of crimes. Our system favors the rich in two ways. First, if you are rich enough, you can hire an army of the best lawyers, expert witnesses, and provide.Do laws that are difficult to enforce or prove punish honest people?I am thinking of illegal immigration and the impact it has on employers who are unwilling to accept false social security numbers or pay in cash. I am also thinking of some of the ethical obligations imposed on lawyers like duties to disclose model rule 4.1. The.Do lawyers ever agree to defend a case on contingency?Like, will a lawyer say, OK, I’ll defend you and if you win the case, then you pay me $X. But if you lose, you don’t owe me anything. The only cases I know of that are taken on a contingency are Civil cases where there is a settlement.Do lawyers have initials? (i.e. M.D., PhD, etc)?doctors have M.D. or D.O. do lawyers have anything? A Juris Doctorat (JD) is the typical 3-year degree, but a lawyer may also choose to get an LLM degree, an advanced masters in a particular area of law (for example, you can get an LLM in tax law. – J.D. Juris.Do lawyers vote liberal or conservative? Where’s the stats? Liberal. Trial lawyers love Democrats, as they are anti-big business and tend to pass laws that give lawyers a greater chance to sue and make money. – Cheney’s probably vote liberal. – why you need a lawyer? – not every lawyet is a trial lawyer. What about corporate lawyers,.do productive people like lawers and docters smoke weed? You have no idea what kinds of drugs many lawyers and doctors will do. Although lawyers will try to stay away from it, I have heard of doctors smoking weed (think about it, if we already have a medical marijuana movement, don’t you think a few docs are smoking.Magistrate/Small Claims Question.Any lawyers out there?I have a question. When we moved from a house we were renting over a year ago, we owed $640.00 in rent which we had forgotten all about. We had all kinds of situations occue during that time which caused us to forget all about this.not working, wife in hospital, no money, etc..Malpractice?4.A neurosurgeon receives a patient consent to a complicated surgery, one of the risks of which is loss of the use of a limb. The surgery is successful, but the patient loses the use of an arm, and sues for malpractice. What will likely happen? Depends on the lawyers from both sides. If the risks are clearly explained.My cousin, Kevin, has a medical malpractice lawsuit filed. His problem is that he is trying to find a lawyer.?He tried two *contingency fee lawyers and all that the first one did was order his medical records, but that lawyer made him wait for 8 months before the lawyer said that he was going to have a doctor.Need a lawyers advice!!?Yesterday me and my fiance were hit from behind by a dooley truck at a red light. This truck driver is employed by Acme truck driving company!! It wasn’t an 18 wheeler just a 4 door dooley truck. This was what happened. We were both stopped at the red light in the going staright lane..Once a personal injury lawsuit has setteled how long does it take for the funds to be released? It should rarely take more than a week for the lawyers to disburse the final amount. If an insurance company is involved, they will send the check to your lawyer who will deposit it into a trust account, make their.Please explain and discuss?in practice the consumer’s right to goods that are of satisfactory quality is in confused state, making it difficult for lawyers to advise with certainty on any particular claim. the problem is compounded by the fact that the most important remedy, the right to reject the goods and secure a refund, is lost soon after.Probono lawyers in dayton ohio?lawyers willing to talk about a possible sexual assault and fondling of a 6 year old boy by a 12 year old female that children services is not willing to investigate or get involved in Wow not a good situation at all. I have attached a site below of lawyers that handle these types.Question are for lawyers?Is is ok to use marijuana while on probation in los angeles county while having a marijuana license? It is illegal. Marijuana is a controlled substance and the use or possession of it, without a doctor’s prescription, is illegal and that is enough to let the county revoke your husband’s parole. Here is another problem..Question for lawyers or people who are familiar with the law?My brother is being charged with possession of marijuana but the police did not find the marijuana on him. They found it in his cousin’s girlfriends purse. The police searched the house with a warrant but they were looking for an ak-47. You cannot find an ak-47 in.Question for lawyers re: back child support. Only legitimate answers please?my dad left when I was a baby. My mom filed for child support in CA, but he moved back to NY. So she had CA petition NY to go after him for child support. When they contacted him about that, he left NY. I’m going to be.Rights of a father?what rights do i have as a father even though the grandparent have custody of my child That depends. Why don’t you have custody now? You should have some form of custody agreement, you may have to go to court, try not to use lawyers on either side, they will just suck $$$ out of.Should Gonzales be treated for Alzheimers? They should have asked him the names of the 145,000 American Citizens his Agency spied on. – Dementia but we’re probably splitting hairs. – Should clinton explain why he fired 93 lawyers when he took office? Politics as usual in washington. – Along with Hillary, I would think. – It’s not Alzheimer’s.Should we make it easier to get executions ?for people that we have no doubt murdered someone ? by getting rid of al the endless appeals ? Stopping the lawyers, this will make the costs go down. for those people that say its cheaper to keep them in jail for life than to execute murderers and child molesters.Signed quit claim deed but name not off mortgage. If ex dies or defaults, can I be held responsible?When I was getting divorced 4 years ago, my ex paid me a sum of money and I signed a quit claim deed giving him sole rights to the house. However, since he’s medically disabled the lawyers didn’t want me.Someone said lawyers by earning huge money from Oil Companies is responsible for petrol price increment?There is a guy who told me that lawyers by earning huge money are responsible for petrol price increment. Does it make all American, British and Australian hand stained with Iraqis blood by not stopping their government to go to war (Omission same.This is why I think some lawyers should just be shot, how about you?It is stupid law suits that tie up the courts while real cases take forever. This person should not be a judge if they are so unhinged as to sue for pants at a dry cleaner, especially not 67 million. Shooting’s.This teacher should be fired. I need insight from teachers and lawyers.?I currently have a teacher that I have grounds to get fired. She is guilty of extreme preferential treatment and threats to hurt a student. Her preferential treatment includes: grading papers with extreme bias. For example, two female students left on the same trip for choir and.Umm I got COURT for drinking underage, and possation of alcahol.?I got court in 2 weeks. What will happen and do i need a lawyer. I am 18, so I don need parents. But will i get community serves? Any lawyers here? If this is NOT traffic involved, and you have no priors, you can plead guilty and.Wanted: short (textable) Lawyer jokes?New boyfriend is a law student. I am looking for short/clean lawyer jokes to text him. ‘What do lawyers eat for lunch?’ ‘I don’t know, they don’t itemize — mine just bills me for the total!’ What’s black and brown and looks good on a lawyer? A Rottweiler. Why don’t sharks attack lawyers? Professional.Do they teach ethics and morals to lawyers in lawyer school?It has been know for ages that’s the job of the lawyer is to win the case. And all I see is lawyers fighting to win even if he knew his client was wrong (I mean even Saddam has a lawyer). And whe all know what kind of. More Lawyers questions please visit : LawFreeFAQ.com

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