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Marijuana Is An Aphrodisiac

Marijuana Is An Aphrodisiac

Marijuana Is An Aphrodisiac by Joycee  –  Cali9crew 2010Marijuana is an aphrodisiac. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinions, and sexuality experts have kicked this topic around for years. With the prospect of recreational use of Marijuana becoming legal (California) and several states already green lighting Medicinal Marijuana, it’s time to kick it around again. Why the reluctance to accept this libido enhancing herb? Remember that the F.D.A. is not too keen on drugs which require a smokey delivery, not one has been accepted. Perhaps vaporized pot, which is rapidly gaining approval, might alter the perception of governmental research agencies. Studies would also have an enormous range, since there are quite a few strains of Marijuana, literally hundreds on the domestic side alone. However, for the sake of argument, let’s suppose that we are examining Cannabis Sativa alone. My first true high came from the island strain (Hawaii) known as Kona Gold. This sativa was an uplifting, mind blowing aphrodisiac if ever there was one. Yes the blood pressure and heart rate were elevated, and my sensory perception was flooded with keen sights, sounds, and feelings. The jazz playing on the reel-to-reel tape player was better than I’d ever heard. The ambiance of the room was far more sensual and warm than before, and of course- the intimacy was unforgettable! These feelings of erotica have not gone unnoticed by Hollywood, the sexual barometer of the United States of America. In the teaser film, “10”, Bo Derek (Jenny) flips the script on character George, by challenging him to turn on, dig the “Bolero” music, and screw. Even though she has an “old man”, Jenny says she likes the pleasure of screwing and insists that he bring the partially smoked joint into the bedroom, where she is now naked and basically in heat. Diane Keaton, in the Oscar heavy flick, “Annie Hall”, goes a step further. When Diane and Woody are in the sack, Keaton is uneasy and restless, even though they are in a relationship. She literally appears to be physically removed from the event. After persistence from Allen, Keaton proclaims, “I need grass!” Need or want, either way- it’s going to make for a better sexual experience.America does not want to publicly admit to drug aphrodisiacs. Aphrodite (the Greek goddess) is merely mentioned as a love god, not one that promotes sexual bliss as Cannabis does. Yet, Cannabis is not alone. Toss in Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Club Drugs (i.e. ecstasy), some pills, a few Hallucinogens and you may understand how at best, documents merely refer to a drug as causing “euphoric feelings”. Marijuana is a psycho-active plant, which means that sex on it is definitely going to be a different experience, and with a Sativa strain- pleasurable, as in an aphrodisiac. The characters portrayed by Derek and Keaton speak to one thing, women sexually know which buttons need pushing, Marijuana being one of them.Joycee

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