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Medical Marijuana & the Greenhouse Effect

Medical Marijuana & the Greenhouse Effect

Medical Marijuana & the Greenhouse Effect

Even in a warm climate growing State like California, gardeners still make use of the Greenhouse. The so-called “greenhouse effect” ensures that heat from the sun is trapped inside the greenhouse. Sunlight enters as short-wave radiation which can pass through glass. Once reflected by the plants and soil, it becomes long-wave radiation which cannot penetrate the glass to get out.

The Medical Marijuana grower now takes over, and nature is relegated to a back-seat driver status. Cultivation under the Greenhouse effect allows for total control of the plants environment – soil, water, temperature and light. The object of the Greenhouse is to increase the range of plants grown, or to lengthen their useful season Medical Marijuana is also afforded some privacy, as prying neighbors or rip-off artists, do not need to see your lush medicinal wonderland. The best type of Greenhouse is one with a topsoil bottom. A 10×10 box frame of corrugated fiber-glass and 2x4s works wonders. This type of lay-out is great for growing huge Sativa strains or Sativa/Indica mixed varieties. When the plants reach ceiling high, the main stem (cola) can be cut, or topped off. You may be hesitant to do this at first, but it makes your plants fill out all around, similar to pruning.

In colder climates, it’s probably best to use large pots of soil medium/fertilizer mixes for your plants. Utilizing the winter sun to keep the Greenhouse effect, is foremost in the colder States. Many growers have an indoor garden, outdoor garden, and Greenhouse – operating all at once. The indoor garden may be a “seeder crop”, designed to produce an abundance of seeds, possibly leading to the next hybrid as well. The outdoor garden could have only the smaller Indica plants growing, and the Greenhouse could have Sativa’s, mixes, and sometimes year-round cultivation going on. As long as your plants are fairly warm, you’ll enjoy the Greenhouse effect.

Caution: make sure you are well hydrated before entering in the Greenhouse to work. While weeding, watering, or checking for pests, you may get a little light headed from the heat build-up, especially during summer months. Try to garden in the morning or late evening, to avoid the Greenhouse effect, affecting you. Have fun, and keep growing American. Joyce

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