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Medical Questions & Answers

Medical Questions & Answers

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Could this be from conficker?? at a pharmacy? the pharmacy with my perscription has all of within computers down, and they have no records of my prescriptions. Doubtful. Likely, their systems just crashed. An ill-fated occurrence with computers. – conficker is not some evil affecting every computer. there’s probably just an error within the system, you can learn more about…Could this be pinworms? supposedly 90% of the US have them? this is really gross and i am sorry to offend anyone. anyway, so far i haven’t seen any worms when i went to the bathroom to verbs myself. i do not live around kids (i’m 20), and i rarely have an itchy anus. however, sometimes i experience tickling. i…Could this be the answer to why “out of body experiences” appear? When the brain is deprived of oxygen and shutting down, it triggers a flood of endorphins and saritogas which cause a hallucionation. This could cause fear, jubilation, peace, or another powerful feeling similar to an acid trip. Any other explainations? You don’t own to be dying to have…Could this Drug Test be a fiction? Alright here it is. I know your all just going to say stop smoking but i didn’t alright. I get arrested in school a few months back for possesion and go to court. they never gave me a probation officer or anything but now my mom said i have a drug examination? could…Could this motive my depression? If I were born today, I would have been a c-section. I be born breach, foot first. Well, the other foot got stuck, and I didn’t breathe right away. My parents say it was give or take a few a minute and a half. Could that lack of oxygen cause my depression? no. – long…Could u pls relay in the region of ceragem pls? side effects and uses Ceragem is a company set up to exploit the fact that people don’t learn ample science at school. It makes use of Oriental health philosophy and Western pseudo-science to extract money from your wallet. I wouldn’t bother with them, if I were you. Source(s): http://www.ceragem.com/main.asp Could Yaz be affecting my antidepressant? I have been on Cymbalta for about two months immediately and it has been working great, I am so much better than I was until that time. I recently started taking Yaz birth control pills, and I think they are causing my antidepressant to be smaller amount effective. Could that be? I have tried…Could you backing me identify a pill? It was tiny and mint green color. It would be a pill that a drug addict would take, I am assuming. It be cut in a 4th. There were no visable numbers or letters on it. Thanks There is a small green tablet out there that contains oxycodone. Source(s): I’m a scientist that…Could you dilute a urine preview to overhaul a drug tryout? By mixing urine with say, water, (1/2 wet, 1/2 urine) could it dilute the urine to be passable on a test? What about 1/2 synthetic urine, 1/2 unadulterated urine? Nope, For Water, I Think they Routinely Test for [Creatinine] too. – Diluting Urine does not hide the fact that…Could you explain what the results of my blood work funds? My wbc is 4.9, RBC is 5.26,HGB 16.4, HCT 49.7 My PLT count is 118 with the %MONO 11.3. My MPV is 10.1 and my glucose is 122. I have had three heart attacks and enjoy a stent. I have lupus and fibromyalgia as well as sleep apnea….Could you overdose on aspirin and a sleeping pill? I just took 1 aspirin and 1 sleeping pill the sleeping pill is like tylenol pm but a little stronger but i be just wondering can you overdose from it? No, not from simply that. – Not on one pill of each. High doses of aspirin cause stomach ulcers. They also…Could you pee when put to sleep for surgery? I was wondering if you are put to sleep for surgery and you have to go to the bathroom if your body will hold it surrounded by or will you just go like you are a babe-in-arms. So when ppl are put to sleep for surgery or in a coma do…Could you please furnish me a smart examine to ask a first aid/ cpr tutor? Why is it necessary when when performing CPR to hold the commander back? – Why is cardiac compressions within adults the first priority, but respiration is first priority in babies? Source(s): My Mum, who is CPR educator. – So you look smarter in class? Or…Could you please make available me honourable info on blood transfusians? i need help for a speach i have to hand over In order to speak. You must spell. Its transfusions. And its a speech. But putting that aside… here is a timeline of blood transfusions. 1492 – Pope Innocent VIII, in Rome, had an apoplectic stroke; become weak and…Could you please moniker and describe five euryarchaeotes from at lowest three different information? Euryarchaeota (Greek for “broad old quality”) are a phylum of the Archaea. The Euryarchaeota include the methanogens, which produce methane and are often found in intestines, the halobacteria, which survive extreme concentrations of saline, and some extremely thermophilic aerobes and anaerobes. They are separated from the…Could you reach a deal me roughly the consumption of marijuana? Dude Havent you seen he commerials? Do you want to give up your job your lil sis or bro at school on the sidewalk cause you forgot to pick them up from school? – Sadly you will get a lot of answers to your ask saying how great it…Could you support me?i want to be a psychiatrist..possibly..? the first thing im gonna ask is:do you have to be a genuis to be a doctor or just above average?..if i really want to be a shrink,what bachelor’s amount should i get?here are some choices:biology,psychology,medical technology,pharmacy,nursing and physical therapy..which of these choices do you think is the best? Well, I…Could zyprexa xanex and hydromorphone interact? I was wondering, i took 8mg of hydromorphone about 3 hours ago and 2 hours after the hydromorphone i took 2 hours after 7.5mg of zyprexa and about an hour after the zyprexa i took 1mg of xanex, the xanex and zyprexa and prescribed to me and i started taking them today and the…Coumadin dose to high-ranking? I know someone who was just diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism. She be prescribed to take 25mg of coumadin per day. She has merely been taking this medicine for 1 week. Is this dosage to high? Please state your source when replying. Thank you Sounds approaching a very high dose. Are you sure its not 2.5mg?…Coumadin vs. Plavix for CHF and hypertension? On what does each act and which is better? Coumadin works on “red clots,” clots that primarily involve Red Blood cells. Plavix works on “white clots,” or clots that involve platelets. They act differently to prevent different types of blood clots. Neither is used to treat hypertension or CHF, they are used to…Cox-1 and cox-2 differences? I realise that i’ve basically already asked this question before, but seeing as i didn’t draw from an answer before, I’ll just be happy beside someone just explaining the primary difference between cox-1 and cox-1 enzymes (besides the fact they’re isozymes)? like, why does cox-1 motivation GIT irritation and cox-2 doesn’t? are they located in different…CPR ask. What technique to use within passage the airway? Head tilt chin erect or Jaw thrust? What if the victim has neck injury? Thanks! If you’re taking a CPR class, I mull over you should read your manual. It’s all there. Anyway… Generally stir for head-tilt chin-lift. Keep this in mind: Jaw thrust maneuver is for victims suspected to…CPR liberate rate. Which is better? K, taking lifeguard lessons at my local pool, and we were taught 30 compressions (100 compressions per min.) and 2 breaths. Repeat. I dance to my dad and his friends-all of whom are firefighters and medics) and they said that doing 200 compressions and no breath is better. My Question: What is the save…CPR put somebody through the mill on a hunchback? how would you perform cpr on a hunchback? just want to know. thanks. place an jib on top of the hump so it levels out – The same. just lay them on their back and do the best you can. HOPE to god you enjoy someone else around to hold that…CPR Question give or take a few Sudden Collapse.? Hi I just recently got certified contained by advanced CPR by the American Heart Association but I’m confused about one thing. What do I do if someone collapses and is unresponsive, yet they are still breathing and hold a pulse? If you know the answer, what do I do if it…CPR, Blood Borne Pathogen, HIPPA, First Aid, OSHA Certifications? How long do these certifications last? I need to know their expiration. Thanks! It depends on the state and where you get certified – I know CPR is pretty simple, although it get updated about every year with a different amount of breaths and times you pump the heart. You can…

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