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Medicine Questions & Answers

Medicine Questions & Answers

Can you miss a down follicle testing, 2 weeks after you took 2 puffs of marijuana. if you have not smoked within 5 yrs? This is a follow up, to this question I asked a few days ago. and the answer is yes, because I did ! but you can bet that I will not put myself under that much…Can you mix adderall and headache medication, resembling tylenol? No…you can’t mix them. It is dangerous. It may cause drug interaction. Source(s): http://www.drug3k.com/drug/Adderall-11461.htm – Acetaminophen is not contraindicated with use of Adderall. Drugs such as SSRI’s MAOI’s, anti depressants and any drug that effects liver enzymes are not to be used and are contraindicated. – Can you mix an expired drug for 8 and younger next to Advil? My daughter is 12 and she took a Tylenol for kids that was 8 and younger and I was wondering if she could take an Advil after if the Tylenol didn’t work. Thank you! It depends on how long it’s be since you gave her the Tylenol….Can you mix Benedryl near Sudafed? I have a stuffy nose … all mucus is clear. I clutch sudafed but then I get a really bad stuffy snout. I take benedryl to dry that up but then I have a stuffy proboscis again. I tried zicam nasal swabs, claritin D nothing worked! HELP PLEASE can i take the two together??…Can you mix prednisone next to powerfull or h.g.h? i need to knoww.. prednisone is a steroid used to decrease inflammation we often treat individuals with pneumonia with prednisone to decrease the inflammation contained by their lungs. I don’t know what powerfull or h.g.h. is but i’m assuming they are to help increase your bulk. although prednisone is a seriod-…Can you mix suboxone next to any benzo’s? For example 1mg suboxone SL and .5mg Clonazepam? Is that unsafe? Do NOT do this. These drugs are contradictions to each other. Mixing the two has a potential for causing mortal respiratory depression. – Can you mix Wellbutrin and alcohol? You can but you shouldn’t. You will get drunk a lot faster and it will destroy your liver greatly quicker. Only drink in moderation. – You can….it didn’t bother me much but ymmv. I found wellbutrin really made me want to smoke and drink less. Bupropion (the generic name of wellbutrin) have lately been…Can you narrate a mothers blood type if you know her childrens blood types? My brother and I are both A neg, but neither of my parents know their blood types. You can guess Then again, the child’s bloodtype is also determined by the father’s gene. If the child has: Mother can be: A / A,AB,O B / …Can you newly grasp brain stem destruction..or does it nick while to form and does a ct scan show it? was wondering about this,any answers? The best imaging for brain death is nuclear imaging. – Usually brain stem departure is from trauma, but if you had a bleed there (like from a CVA or stroke) it could possibly form gradually…Can you nick pills next to dairy products? My grandmother always told me not to take any medicine next to milk because it doesn’t allow it to digest or something properly? I’ve always followed this rule just in suitcase it WAS true.. but I was wondering if this was just an “dated wives tale” or if there is actually scientific…Can you nickname 10 adjectives medicinal plants within found within India? tulsi neem eucaluptus clove babul pu rajmari bel ginger(it does have medicinal uses) garlic ” – Malabar Nut Hophead Bell Weed Crested Lepidagathis Nongmangkha Singkrang Gandarusa Sage Leaved Alangium Sessile Joyweed Himalayan Thorowax 😉 – neem tulsi babul shikakai rajmari hansraj bel pu satyanashi..[LOL..wot a name] gokhulakanta -…Can you obtain elevated on coladapins? im not sure of the spelling but i think there muscle relaxers. they are round and yellow? can you attain high off of them? and by it being small and washed out and round can someone tell me the mg Yes I’m sure you can. My wife uses them and they hold things up…Can you obtain remunerated if you donate.? blood and semen? I think I saw it a few times but im not sure if you actually get salaried for it. If yes, how much (like per grams or something)? Thanks Not sure about semen…but donating blood is something expected to be given from the heart – therefore, you are not compensated…Can you OD on xanax and what happen if you do? also, in case you give your answer contained by bars and because im curious anyway, about how many milligrams of xanax are surrounded by one xanax bar? xanax comes in different milligram strengths. it depends on the prescription amount. you can overdose on it, and it will cause you…Can you offer me INformation on LSD? OK. well i am doing this research paper on the drug LSD. well i cant appear to find what the drug was medically used for? so please help! It was used surrounded by psychiatric analysis- given to the mentally ill for the purpose of therapy. Some doctors want it to be allowed for…Can you over dose on advil? ok so i have a friend who claims that he over dosed on advil, and im not quite sure if that is possible so pleaseee backing me? [[: it’s a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory – the only major side effects are GI upset and decrease renal function. As it does however decrease renal function it may…Can you overdose & die on 20 Robitussin pills? I don’t know if i should take these gel Robitussin pills for cough. I want it to trip. Sure, i’ve tooken 14 Dramamine pills before, but this is 20. I’ve never had this frequent, Is it safe? I don’t want to die. Help me? Here’s a hint – when an notion…Can you overdose (die) from Codeine (Tylenol 3)? If so whats the avg vicious dose? and is it a stinging extermination? not suicidal. just curious tylenol 3 contains acetominophen so taking largish does over long periods can “kill” your liver so you can die painfully or prematurely see knit http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/5570… – The idiot who described it as a “painless death”?…Can you overdose after taking three zolpidems, five hydrocodones, and two klonopins? If you take three zolpidems, five hydrocodones, two klonopins, and three ritalin at the same time, can you overdose? My heart isn’t beating hasty, all I feel is very chill and for a time tired. Yikes, that’s a lot of drugs! Don’t be surprised if you acquire a…Can you overdose beside headache pills? Yes, make sure you read the directions on the back, they will warn you and say aloud the limit of how many you take. You probably won’t be for always injured if you accidentally take one extra headache pill. – You can overdose on anything. It depends on the particular drug that you are…Can you overdose from snorting cocaine? Definitely yes. And it’s not just overdose. The amount causing fatality varies widely from character to person. Cocaine may cause a heart attack, a fatal heart arrhythmia or a life-threatening seizure. You only have to read the word recently about pitchman Billy Mays, disc jockey DJ AM, and most classically, John Belushi who had…Can you overdose next to Motrin? not like im going to kill myself, but the ideal hit me when i took two of them. can you overdose on motrin and if so how much is to much, cuz i hold this fear of dying by overdose and i want to no so i dont more than that. It can wreak…Can you overdose on 8 hydroco/ibu 7.5-200 pills? meaning die 60mg of hydrocodone is a pretty high dose for people near no tolerance to opiates. Expect severe nausea and itching. If you experience very shallow breathing, call 911. 1600 mg of ibuprofen is also a high dose but not vicious. Expect moderate abdominal pain and a hangover. Keep in mind…Can you overdose on a food? Like too many cranberries? it really depends on the food, some kids end up over dosing on a pernickety plant seed, which they get high past its sell-by date of. – I think you can overdose on any type of food I notice that when I have not be eating a certain type of…Can you overdose on anti-depressants? Asking because I know that not all meds will kill you if u try to overdose. So will anti-depressants do it? Yes. You can over-dose on anything. Whether it will kill you, do permanent damage, or none, is another story. Just in the region of any over-dose will make you feel sick&miserable though. – yes…Can you overdose on Aspirin? how many pills does it take? Yes you can overdose on Aspirin. In reality thousands die each year from taking just one pill. – yes you can OD on Aspirin. As far as how several pills it takes, well that depend on you body mass. However I wouldn’t recommend ODing on Aspirin because what will…Can you Overdose on benadryl? Im not suicidal just wanting to know…. Just for future reference and if you can how plentiful? Na you merely sleep it off and wake up feeling moral. – I mull over you’ll probably end up with such a dry mouth that even water wouldn’t minister to. The is the way benadryl works is by…Can you overdose on birth control pills? accidently unsurprisingly? I would assume especially if you smoke…it can cause a heart attack or stroke. – Yeah, if you took a whole bunch then you would go and get a dangerous amount of hormones. I don’t know what would happen though but I definitely wouldn’t want to find out. – no -…Can you overdose on dope? ? no…u might be able to suffocate yourself someway – You can overdose on ANYTHING you ingest, including water (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KDND#Hold_Y… – no. no, you cannot. – As the old saying go, you know WHY they call it dope… Source(s): NJ RN – IF YOU EVER HEARD A LOT OF YOUNG PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT GETTING…Can you overdose on herion taken vocally? doing research for school thanks yes – Yes. You can die from it, I know a few people that have. – A person can overdose on any drug, if taken surrounded by excess. Heroin is in a calss of drugs known as opioid agonists. Typically they all do duplicate thing, which is bind… More Medicine questions please visit : MedicineFreeFAQ.com


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