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MMJ Clone System

MMJ Clone System

Using this method, I normally expect to see the first roots showing in about 9 days. From start to finish normally they are acclimated and ready to be transplanted in 2 weeks or less. Of course there’s some strains that go faster or slower. While tips for new growers are appreciated, please keep it easy to understand for them. I’m comfortable with my system and will not be switching to your “better” way. Everyone has an idea of the “best” way, but really as long as the clones survive and drop roots quickly, then it’s all good. Sorry about the weird glitches in the video, something goobered up when transferring it to the computer and I’m to lazy to do it again..lol. I do not show the actual cutting of the clones, only the system I use for processing them. I recommend these videos to see the actual cutting process: www.youtube.com www.youtube.com

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