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OxyContin FAQ

OxyContin FAQ

80 mg oxycontin, how frequent would it steal to snuff a party? I’m not a murderer nor am I planning on committing suicide, but my friend takes 80 mg oxycontin and last week he passed out but he didn’t die. – How can I get him to stop? How many pills does it lift to die on it? I don’t want my friend to die…A being is taking oxycontin, and have to enjoy a drug eyeshade, how long past the drug is out of system? eat this stuff called serto(certo?). they sell it at walmart for sure (all grocery stores) it’s like a pudding, comes within a package like cheese from mac & cheese. i heard it’s gross(smell and taste) but if you take it approaching 1 hr. before…Addiction to spasm medication oxycontin? I would talk to your doctor about it. Addiction really sucks and is rugged to overcome by yourself. Good luck! You need to seize help. If you are addicted it will be a challenge to just stop w/o help, but if you can’t bring help, then thats what you need to do is stop. Bottom line,…After 6 years on oxycontin is within hope for her? My girlfriend was in a bad wreck 7 yrs ago & she nearly died. she went into a coma, shattered her leg, have perm intestional problems, & among a list of other injuries & after a long painful recovery including physical thearapy & several operations to remake her leg with pins plates & screws.she has…Does Oxycontin &loratab come up indistinguishable entry within a drug check? I believe oxycontin is slow-release oxycodone, the narcotic used in percocet (basically oxycodone plus tylenol), while lortab is an overgrown vicodin (which I think is hydrocodone plus tylenol). I may enjoy these mixed up, but I’m sure they are different molecules and they should show up differently on different tests. The…Does oxycontin enjoy codeine? If you have an allergy to codeine will you have adverse reactions to oxycontin? .no, it does not, but consent to me warn ya,it is addictive, even though its an opiate, don’t let anyone tell ya different i’ve struggled with it for over 7 months. sure make ya feel good don’t it!? Please ask this question of your prescribing doctor and…Does oxycontin use affect an mdma big? a friend of mine is addicted to oxycontin. he took two mdma pills the other night and didn’t feel a thing. i took two mdma pills and am not on oxycontin, and felt terrific the total night. could his frequent oxy use hinder his ability to “roll?” Please, no ignorant answers. – Of course,…Does percocet and oxycontin show like on drug examination? they test for opiates which both of the drugs mentioned are. all controlled-substance painkillers will show up “the same” on a drug test. when they do a drug test it,the oral exam, covers that family of drugs not just one specific drug. if that were the case nearby would be quite alot of…Does snorting Oxycontin form the product work faster? I have been worried about my brother because he has be crushing up the pills and snorting it or mixing it up in his morning coffee. He suffers from chronic back and neck pain and swears he does it thay approach to speed up the pain relief. He also takes oxycontin that is time released but singular…I’ve be taking oxycontin for 3 yrs for neuropathy? what i want to know is can my dr take me off of it all at once without weening me stale of it. Hell NO he cannot take you all off at once. You will want to stick a shotgun in your mouth. You are physically dependant near a drug that is worse…Long permanent status effects of oxycontin? What are the long term effects of oxycontin and opiates OTHER than addiction? I mean some people are prescribed them indefinitely for back affliction, etc., so unlike marijuana and other hard dangerous drugs, opiates are prescribed and given out generously at hospitals for pain. If taken contained by safe doses regularly, what is the worst that happens, other than…Methadone vs oxycontin, which have worse usual side effects, which is more chancy and why? im wondering, my doc put me on methadone, woke up in the middle of the night felt like i be breathing no oxygen , drowning, which is worse for you, oxynontin or methadone, what are the usual bad side effects of either drug, trying to decide which side effects…Micheal Jackson died of oxycontin and demoreal, why is? everyone so sad for a drug addict How cruel – being a drug addict is different to having a dependency on PRESCRIPTION drugs. I pity you for your lack of empathy and compassion. Before following the simplistic train of thought that leads society to such conclusions, man: Prescription drugs + addiction = evil,…Mixing 10/325 lower tab near oxycontin 40mg? i am seeing a pain doctor and i am taking 40mg of oxycontin, and at times when i lift just at least 12 pounds or bend down to push a helm chair my back hurts really bad due to bad disks. i know you can not mix percocet beside oxycontin, and i don’t need the stronger oxycontin due…My boy friend is using oxycontin? I just started dating this kid who is a year older than me i am pretty sure he is addicted to the stuff..i want to help him but dunno how he will respond iam scared that he will over dose. damn old chevys will **** your life up, his a junkie, find someone new. You just…My boyfriend does profusely of doomed to failure drugs? Like hes texted me saying hes getting high off percocet and oxycontin, and is in the turn upside down of heroin. He’s completely sane and normal when we go out, and he says hes smart about it but it still worries me. I don’t want him to get hold of hurt, but he always seems fine…My boyfriend finally come verbs something like his Oxycontin addiction…? after knowing and dating my boyfriend for 2 1/2 months, he admitted and came clean to his family and i going on for his oxycontin addiction that apparently only his friends knew about for 1 1/2 years. yes, he has be lying to me but i never asked either because i NEVER suspected this. he…My friend have be using 40mg oxycontin everyday 4 former times 3 weeks, and requests to stop.What should he expect? My friend has been using 40mg of oxycontin everyday for the past 3 weeks, and is wanting to quit. Can he stop cold turkey, without slowing weaning himself stale? And if so how significant will the withdrawal symptoms be, if there are any at all?…My friend keep doing Oxycontin what should i do? My friend keeps crushing oxycontin pills and snorting them. im not sure how high the dosage is but i know hes taking them. what can i do to convince him to stop and how can i help him? and also how many Advil’s equal 1 oxycontin pill? Search inside yourself. Only there will you find…My friend smokes oxycontin everyday and she have have tons of the overdose symptoms, what should I do? She’ll smoke at least an 80 mg oxycontin everyday. If this friend is not an adult you need to convey her parents before she goes to far. Please help her. If she is overdosing after she aint doing it safely/properly and with it being…My friend took 5 vicoden es because she run out of her 20mg oxycontin she say it is equal, is this true. ? i am scared fore her is this true? no its not even close..she dont want to mess with opiates like that..is she doing them without a dockter? she should..she could have w,ds ox,s are alot stronger than vic,s..not alot stronger..this will…My gf snorts her oxycontin presciption and she say she doesnt.but i KNOW she does..what do i do? if it means anything, we both are COMPLETELY in love with each other. she loves me soo much. (but i dont regard as she could love anything enough to give up her pain meds) =( If you really love her, you shouldn’t care in the region…My girlfriend get busted for buying oxycontin on the street? how much time can she serve and what the bond? she got caught by an undercover cop yesterday. she has a prescription for oxycontin but she still buys more off the street. i know where she is at but i cant draw from a hold of her. how mich time can she serve and what…My husband is addicted to oxycontin, I dont know what to do? For the past few months my husband has been buying oxy’s cheap saying he is going to put up for sale them and make some money. But he is really using them. I live 3 hrs away and in the process of a job transfer but i am really afraid of…My husband take oxycontin for hindmost affliction. His dosge have increased. Opinions on the subject of Intravenous morphine? Oxycotin is very addictive! i run 190mgs of morphine a day because of a auto crash. i have been on it for 3 years now here the article morphine somehow tricks the brain into kinda like blocking out it in a way unlike any other…My opiate urine question paper come put money on glum and I nick oxycontin and percocet what can I do? I took a urine screen for opiates and cocaine and marijuana and all of it came back glum BUT I take 120 mg oxycontin a day and 2 to 3 percocets why is this happening! Is there a blood tryout to test for opiates my…Need Help next to Medicine Dosages of Oxycontin and Oxycodone!? My husband has chronic back pain so his doctor prescribed him both Oxycodone and Oxycontin. The oxycodone is 10/325 and the oxycontin is 40mg. Is it safe for him to filch one oxycodone and then 4 hours later take an oxycontin? The reason he give both was because the oxycontin last longer…Nephew, 14 first time possession of oxycontin. What should I do to give a hand him lawful perceptive? Get him a lawyer, and try to get him admitted into an out-patient drug rehab center. It can be used as a diversion program. They are usually pretty expensive but if he doesn’t mess up and completes a diversion program, they will probably dismiss the…Okay end hours of darkness I dosed 150mg of oxycontin over 12 hrs and presently really sore. ? I usually dose 120mg but felt the need to dose and extra 30mg. I think I was have a seizure or something, this morning I woke up with almost every muscle in my body sore sore. Almost like I be clenching my muscles. Explain your expirence. …Oxycodone vs Oxycontin? If 20mg of oxycodone is equvivelent to 20mg of oxycontin..and the oxycodone has a INSTANT effect vs the SLOW release of oxycontin… then why is oxycontin thought to be more habit forming and more in constraint for abusers?? There really is no difference in demand for either drug. They are both schedule 2 controlled substances, so they enjoy a high risk… More OxyContin questions please visit : DrugsFreeFAQ.com


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