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Propecia Questions And Answers

Propecia Questions And Answers

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Any man concieved a babe while taking propecia? is the infant ok? Funny NO stupid! Yes but the tot had a mullet when it came out and side burns im 4 months pregnant! next to beer that is, The male body in humans could conceive contained by a in vitro enviorment,and implant itself in the abdomen,and perchance grow for a few…Any men taking propecia experiencing sexual dysfunction? I have taken propecia for over a year and am afraid its causing ED. Any other men with the same problem? If you enjoy stopped taking it, did your sexual performance improve? – I have been taking propecia for around 3 years next to no sexual side effects. It does state that a side effect of…Does propecia carry on the hairline? – Propecia is a chemical drug for men with predetermined genetic path for hair loss (male pattern baldness). It cannot keep going the hairline. However, profinast can. Profinast is located here: http://www.profinastpills.com Not for me.. Rogaine didn’t work either. When I was younger, if they told me chicken sxxx would work, I would have bought…Does Propecia construct it frozen to gain muscle mass? I take propecia, and since it does something with the levels of testosterone in the body, and muscle growth wants testosterone, is it going to be hard for me to gain muscle mass through lifting weights? If it is going to effect muscle growth how drastic is the effect?? Thanks – No,…Does propecia incentive spike loss at the temple… seem to grow tresses contained by some areas and motive loss within others :(? I understand how propecia works, but find very little info on the net from anyone that has anything refusal to say about the drug — other than the 2% of users that claim sexual dysfunction (probably much higher base on my experience with…Does propecia or v1agra show up on the OSHA 10-panel urine drug experiment? propecia is the hair loss drug v1agra is the drug for ED No. The OSHA 10-panel specifically looks for drugs of invective like cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, methamphetamine, benzodiazopine, etc. The drugs that you mention above are legal and have a valid origin for being prescribed. No… .. …Does Propecia put together existing mane grow thicker? I have been taking Propecia for 5 months now and it does seem to be working surrounded by areas of my head with hair loss. When I first started to loss my hair, it seem that the rest of my hairs have gotten thinner. Will propecia make the hair I already hold grow in thicker? My hair…Does propecia really work ?? my husbands hair is thinning and falling out – this only happened in the recent past 9 or 10 months. he is only 29 !!! what caused this ? and does propecia or anything else help it ?? – Can’t hurt to try. I am in my mid 20s and enjoy noticed thinning up top. …Does propecia really work to regrow spine? I use it as a preventative. That seems to be the best of all. Keep what you get. I am sure if I had not started on it 3 years ago, I would have much greater hair loss. I did notice the even of shedding slowed down considerably once on it.Does propecia slow/stop coat loss?? Propecia/Finasteride is used to reduce hair loss due to masculine pattern baldness Source(s): http://the-med-store.com/?product=propec? Propecia is a pill used for the treatment of mannish pattern hair loss on the vertex (top of head) and anterior mid-scalp area (middle front of head). There is not sufficient evidence that Propecia works for receding hairlines at the temples. Propecia is for…Does propecia work? – Yes it does. The best way to reverse hair loss is the triple combination of Propecia by pill, Rogain topically, and a dandruff shampoo containing zinc something or other. Studies have shown that the zinc pryonate or whatever that zinc helpful ingrediant is in Head and Shoulders and other similar dandruff shampoos causes hair to grow back surrounded…Does proscar works approaching propecia? – No – two different drugs. Proscar is for prostate. Propecia is for hair. Source(s): http://www.drugs.com/pdr/propecia_tablet? http://www.drugs.com/pdr/proscar_tablets? Yes, they do. They are the same drug (active ingrediant), but different strengths. They found that taking proscar in 5mg dose helps next to enlarged prostate, while the same drug at only 1mg (propecia) helps…Does rogaine or propecia work? and which one works better? You may know all of this already, but keep in mind that they are different approaches to like peas in a pod problem, which is a particular enzyme’s conversion of testosterone into DHT, and it’s this DHT that interferes with normal hair growth. At smallest, that’s what the scientists think at this point.Propecia and Male Pattern Baldness Question? After recently discovering that I had Male Pattern Baldness, I decided to take the initiative and do something just about it. After researching many medications an alternative methods to hair growth, I came across Propecia. After obtain a prescription to propecia, I began taking it immediately in order to slow the process of MPB. After self on it for…Propecia Question, Would approaching an answer from personal experience? Hello, I’ve been on propecia for about 2 weeks and have noticed a substantial increase within shedding. Has anyone else had this same issue or is the drug not working correctly for me? I called propecia and they said that it was not a adjectives occurrence (not sure how knowledgeable he actually was).should I discontinue the…Rogain or propecia, which is better for my situation? no balding on my fathers side but on my mothers side of the family, late 40’s and thinning, was wondering what would be best for the money. gratefulness. – Well first, the difference b/w Propecia and Rogaine needs to be marked, as one is a vasodilator and just increases blood flow, while the other…Doi necessitate a prescription to purchase propecia? No you do not need to . click this link and place your order. http://www.abconlinepharmacy.com/ns/cust? Source(s): http://www.abconlinepharmacy.com/ns/cust鈥? Has anybody have dutiful rezults beside propecia? any side affects This one I love, and the simple answer is this; IF SIR ELTON JOHN, PRINCE CHARLES, DUKE OF EDINBURGH, CANNOT BE HELPED, WHAT THE HELL DO U THINK ?, IM BALD AND LOST IT AT 25YRS, THERE IS NO CURE, ITS IN YOUR LEVIS MY FRIEND , WORRY NOT THOUGH, COS THERE ARE PLENTY…Has anyone ever have chronic constipation as a long permanent status side effect from taking Propecia? And were you able to become regular again once you stopped taking it, and if so, how long did it take to get the propecia out of your system? – Yes, impressively common. Quit taking the stuff.. Has anyone had/have extremely bad side effects next to propecia?!? I’ve heard some horror stories before from people using it, and I’ve been using it not long and might just be imagining things but I think im coming down with a few of them. – Don’t verbs! Only 2% of the men taking the medication experience any side effects which means there’s a…Is is true that minoxidil is not as significant as propecia surrounded by treating male-pattern mane loss? Hi How are you: At its origin, is market in tablet form and was used exclusively in hypertensive patients. As a vasodilator, has an excellent response within this type of pathology. Minoxidil’s action against hair loss, it was discovered that some patients…Question give or take a few propecia? I live in the UK and i want to buy the pill propecia ‘for obvious reasons’. But i can noy seem to find their contact anywhere. I do not just want to buy of any website as they might tender me some pill that will not actually propecia. Can u help. hmm neva use propecia, FDA is…Has anyone ever used propecia or something else for fuzz loss? Please tell how well it worked – I used many products. The topical stuff is OK if you are just starting to scrawny or have Minor hair loss. But it takes a while to work (if it works at all), and for some people they lone grow peach fuzz or at least…Has anyone here used minoxidil and/or propecia to stop hairloss? if so.. what were your results? and what did you think? – There are several forms of hair loss. If it is male guide baldness (Androgenetic alopecia) then the hair loss cannot be fully cured in most cases, but just frozen for some time near the treatments availiable on market today. 1)…What type of spine loss does propecia initiate growth? – Propecia will not work! it works only in very rare situations!! anyway as we know – down loss can be caused by many different reasons! There are many cause of loss of hair such as stress, poor nutrition ,medications, thyroid dysfunctions, illness, fungal infections ,hormonal problems, to mention a few. year ago…Has Anyone tried Propecia for Hair loss? Did it work? Were there any side effects? Merk’s web site suggests that less than 2% of the people enjoy se and they are 100% reversible too. http://www.propecia.com/finasteride/prop鈥? Just don’t want anything to mess with the testosterone. YES AND I’T WORKS MY UNCLE USES IT!!! I’ve used it myself. At first two months…How do you achieve a prescription for Propecia.Everyone keep aphorism shift to the doctor but what form of doctor.? I need to know like what to llok for in the Phone Book,Thanks – before you consider to start propecia you must really study around the side effects. It can mess your hormones real bad if you are not lucky, so you must choose,…How much does a bottle of propecia cost on average? I have started to experience thinning hair. I have aetna health insurance. While i know that it cost different prices depending on your copay. I be wondering on average how much does it cost the average person to use propecia. – call a pharmacy, i’ve done it before to insure i could afford…

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