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Risperdal FAQ

Risperdal FAQ

Alternative to Depakote that doesn’t craft you gain cargo? It is not the Depakote but the risperdal that is causing the substance gain. Hi, I take Lithium 800mg a day and am quite happy next to it, it’s a mood stabiliser so my mood wont go too high or too low. Lithium is occcassionally known to cause substance gain but I have no experience…Does risperdal breed you gain weightiness? how many pounds will be added to your weight? I was on a low dose of Risperdal (.5 MG once a day) for probably 6 months to aid an antidepressant I was taking. I never noticed a weight gain that I could attribute to the drug. If you are going to be taking this drug as…Does Risperdal Cause Permanent Impotence? SWIM took risperdal for a misdiagnosis of OCD b/c he had chronic head pain. He was given SSRIs max dose and RIsperal 6mg/day b/c the psychiatrist said nil worked for the pain and she didn’t believe him that it was real. As a result he took the drug for 6 months at the dose mentioned and even lactated on the…Does risperdal take home sucidal? i feel worst on the meds than before should i contuine to take them Don’t quit taking your medicene until you see your doctor. Risperdal is an antipsychotic I don’t believe it will make you suicidal. Call your doctor if you touch bad and maybe they might make adjustments to your meds. You need to talk…Does Risperdal trigger Panic Attacks? I take a low dose of it and eppilium and lithium for bi – polar affective disorder. I have noticed that I also have immensity gain, tremor and neck spasms. I drink alcohol regulary and dont know if it interacts with the meds and causes p.a’s and other side effects or if p.a’s are solely because of risperdal.Does seroquel own smaller number side effects than risperdal? My son who has Asberger/Autism has been on Risperdal for 4 years to control temper tantrums and irritability. He is 16. His MD desires to switch him to Seroquel because he says it does not cause weight gain as much as Risperdal does. My son has be doing very well on Risperdal, it really…My godson is 3 1/2 yrs. dated .He is to be put on aderall & risperdal contained by a few days for adhd.? Wow – that’s young-looking for these meds – I didn’t think they gave these to kids so young- I don’t have to deal next to your godson so I have no idea how hard it is for people who bear care of…My son have be on risperdal and it have stoped workin what do i do? What do you mean it’s stop working? Did he take it? Is he just having a bleak day? Have you seen the doctor about it? Or is he just axiom things that make you uncomfortable? big question: why was he on risperdal to start beside? IF…Risperdal and marijuana ? I am wondering if it can kill me and damage my heart? I been on the med for a year and been smoke marijuanna for 8 months.Nothing evolve to me just sometime heard very little voice that sound similar to a wind but anything else no. I been looking for for side effect with risperdal and marijuana, they don’t say much.Risperdal and marijuana interactions?? I am taking Risperdal… I was wondering if any known interactions were listed between Risperdal and marijuana…? I smoke marijuana once surrounded by a blue moon – Doesn’t risperdal have awful side effects? Like massive weight gain? I would try to get some therapy, draw from off the risperdal, and start smoking at least a joint every week.Risperdal and Paxil Maybe? I posted a question and have been on webMD seince then and i focus i will call my doc on monday and ask her if i can take a dosage of Paxil as well as the risperdal im currently on. THe slurring words is a glad trade off for the manic deprression i would catch.My sex drive falling rock bottom however…Risperdal and Weight Gain? I’ve gained 20 pounds on risperdal; is that normal? How do I lose weight? Is it easy to lose solidity after I’m off risperdal? – There are a LOT of mental health meds that do that. It’s normal. I don’t know how easy it is to loose it. I’d utter your best bet is to eat extra good and…Risperdal Consta press? Why does the injection take 3 weeks to start to work? I know the pill form of risperdal is instant, so why does the injection take so long? – Gosh Bob, that is a good cross-question but maybe not one someone online can answer unless they have access to the Medical Journals online. Those are usually only accessable at…Risperdal for schizophrenia.? Hi. I have schizophrenia, and my psychiatrist is thinking of putting me on a medication called risperdal. I am currently on seroquil and celexa. Has anyone been taking risperdal on here? I would like to know what the side effects are. If you hold taken risperdal, please take some time to answer this question. Thank you. I was on risperdal for…Should i whip risperdal or not? i’ve been taking celexa for more than 4 months, but i’ve been missing. psychiatrist recommended this, but it reduces dopamines, which means that it lowers intelligence. what should i do? i suffer greatly. i have ocd. My mom take that for schizo-affective disorder and she defiantly is not the brightest. . . im glad you asked…please please…The side effects of the medication risperdal…breast growth? can anyone tell me anything they might know about this side effect please – I’ve never heard of that. Talk to a pharmacist. You might be retaining water, but I don’t assume any breast growth can be associated with risperdal. Uhhh Vyvanse stopped working and they put me on focalin eww ;(, is in that anything else out at hand? Okay so Vyvanse decided to just stop working, so my doctor put me on focalin XR and so far I feel like a zombie. Is here other medications out their that are better. What about risperdal? I heard that using ani-physocits is controversal but can…What class of side effects, if any, hold you have from Lamictin &/or Risperdal? risperdal is horrible, stay away from it please. i took it for a while a few years back, and man it was hell. it made me feel so horrible, literally like my brain be in freaking straitjacket, totally frozen. ugh it was so bad i tried to commit suicide…What could begin if you drink alcohol beside risperdal consta? I don’t recommend it, drinking over any medication is dangerous. I admit I use to drink over my Klonopin and seroquel, but a few times I almost ended up in the Hospital. I’m not going to sugarcoat it and say aloud, “It’s not going to hurt.” Honestly, you shouldn’t. I had known a guy…What happen if a risperdal tab is crushed when giving the med to an elder forgiving? – Swallow the tablets whole with plenty of water or other liquid. Do NOT split, chew, or crush the tablets. Tell your doctor if you cannot swallow tablets. Your doctor will probably prescribe another medication to treat your condition. Risperidone comes as a tablet, a solution (liquid),…Feeling highly down and depressed more from risperdal? Does your mom prescribe the medicine? Is she a physician? If yes, perhaps you ought to find a new doctor. Sometimes household can be too close to be objective. Are you in therapy – you may find it beneficial to attend a group to get support. A group can be agreeable for weight loss as well.What is the equivalent surrounded by mgs per afternoon of a 25 mgs every two week risperdal shot? It’s not 25 mgs divided by 14days? – I don’t know, but the daily dosage range is 1-6 mgs so probably between there. Seems to me that if someone has to own an IM of an antipsychotic then it’s probably because they cannot manage a…Who know in the order of transitioning stale risperdal & depacote beside crude medium ? (orthomolecular/detox/nutrients)? or any orthomolecular medical doctor knowledgeable in transitioning ? effective? I don’t suffer from bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia, but suggest that you view: WITHDRAWING FROM PSYCHIATRIC MEDICATIONS & MEDICATIONS – DIFFICULTY STOPPING PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS & MORE SKULLDUGGERY! – DRUG CO BURIES UNFAVOURABLE DRUG STUDIES, etc. surrounded…Can I lift 5htp for long occupancy? I own schizophrenia and taking risperdal long possession. Need 5htp for my mood? I need 5htp to let me sleep, work and for behavioral. Can I eat long term as taking risperdal will form me have depression and I won’t feel happy. I am looking at a max of 300 mg a day – No, 5HTP…Can i smoke weed if im on lamictal? im also on risperdal & im getting off that, im only take 1 tiny pill, im almost done getting off it. they in recent times have to ween me off, but im goiing to off it in a week. but, i want to do weed resembling friday? yea im on it too i smoke it but…Can risperdal abet me concentrate? Like will i feel love again and have those heavely feelings if i take risperdal? or the in front of? – Risperdal is an anti-psychotic, so if psychosis is stopping you from concentrating, or being in love, then sure! It is also used to *tame* mania contained by bipolar – BUT risperdal tends to be a depressant, so…Can you smoke weed if your on Lamictal? im also on risperdal & im getting off that, im only take 1 tiny pill, im almost done getting off it. they simply have to ween me off, but im goiing to off it in a week. but, i want to do weed resembling friday? urgh. im on lamictal for mood swings(even though i really dont…Cold turkey/wean on risperdal? has anyone ever did it and what wer your results? or is it better to wean off? okay this is the situation. i didnt feel my husband needed it to begin beside.needed help but not to that extent.why do people always assume that doctors all other right? if they were there wouldnt be soo many malpractice suits. whatever it may be,…Does risperdal serve next to concentration and research? I take the newer version of risperdal (invega under new patent) and i know it help some with my concentration, but it could also be the cymbalta i take. It does make me drowsy/weak/sleepy though which helps to hold on to my mind from racing. risperdal is poison to the body and mind…I found much…Going to enjoy iv standard anesthesia can I still lift medication risperdal? You have asked a suitable question here. Regrettably you brought it to a location on the Internet where good people could by accident give you bad counsel, even as I have done, here on Yahoo Answers. Your question is more impressive than that and you should seek a more qualified… More Risperdal questions please visit : DrugsFreeFAQ.com


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