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Seroquel Q&A

Seroquel Q&A

Abilify quiz!? I have only been taking Abilify for a few weeks (I switched from seroquel, which made me gain weight.) and I own two questions. First, how do you suggest that I combat this restless urge to move all the time (which I’m experiencing as a side-effect of abilify) and is Abilify stronger than seroquel? I ask this because my doctor took me off…Another seroquel put somebody through the mill? Okay, ive asked 2 other questions on seroquel and im sorry to be so annoying about the subject, but im the kind of person that get really paranoid about side effects of medications. My question is, anyone that has be taking this… what side effects if any have you had? Im taking 100mg at night for bipolar, my…ANy experience beside seroquel? ANy experience with seroquel? I have ptsd and the doc put me on seroquel and clonasapam, along with librax. The librax is for ibs. The others are from clincial depression that I am suffering from where I hold been very ill for 3 months, and the lack of gusto, etc has made it much worse. I am wondering if anyone…ANy experience next to seroquel? I have ptsd and the doc put me on seroquel and clonasapam, along with librax. The librax is for ibs. The others are from clincial depression that I am suffering from where I have be very ill for 3 months, and the lack of energy, etc have made it much worse. I am wondering if anyone after waking…Any information of side effects of inhaling xanax and seroquel? a friend started crushing and inhaling seroquel and xanax, i am worried about her and the side effects. I cannot find anything online that deals with this problem. any information would be helpful. thank you Well. I am verbs and sober now but I wasnt always. Generally the side affects will be the…Any ladies or guys prescribed Seroquel; how did/does it affect you? cargo gain? If you will, specify which type of nervous condition it was prescribed for. first of all i was prescribed zyprexa. I gained 25-30 pounds surrounded by a month! So I went back to my doctor and she prescribed me with seroquel. Almost immediately I lost adjectives the…Does seroquel assist beside this? i have a stress problem where i get stressed easley and some times badly and I’m wondering will seroquel support with it? I take seroquel to sleep at night because of a impossible insomnia problem…one side effect is that you feel really sluggish the next day…the best thing is not to resort to drugs because most medication have side effects,…Does seroquel grounds confusion? Actually, Seroquel makes me LESS confused. I have trouble thinking clearly and understanding the element about what is real and what isn’t. Seroquel has helped me take better. Yes it does…smashed up my truck and was out for 2 days.. – OMG YES, especially if you are mega dosed! It also takes away emotion… the bad…Does seroquel manufacture you sleepy? Yes, definitely, although more so in some people than others. Doctors do prescribe it for insomnia sometimes. For me it is prescribed for that as well as other bipolar symptoms and I’ve done ably taking a small dose about 2 hours before I want to sleep. I’ve been on it for maybe 4 or 5 years and appropriate usually 100…Does seroquel own smaller number side effects than risperdal? My son who has Asberger/Autism has been on Risperdal for 4 years to control temper tantrums and irritability. He is 16. His MD desires to switch him to Seroquel because he says it does not cause weight gain as much as Risperdal does. My son has be doing very well on Risperdal, it really…Does seroquel show up on drug test? Of course it messed you up. Seroquel is a antipsycotic and is use to treat the manic phase of bipolar disorder. Pleasedo not take medicines not given to you by your personal doctor. It might, my 5 year old brother in law take it to “calm” him down. I don’t know why you would take it.Does seroquel treat bipolar- depression successfully? Recently i have just been proposed the diagnosis of manic depression, or bipolar. My psychiatrist wants to put me on Seroquel, an antipsychotic (the category heading is scary to me) and am very hesistant about going on such a powerful drug. Id just resembling some feedback from those who have my type of bipolar (depressive) about Seroquel.Does the med seroquel make one gain bulk? yes i take the 25mg and before i got on them i weighed 135 pounds immediately i have been on them for at least 2yrs and i weigh 189 pounds now yes, google seroquel nd see the side effects I’ve be taking seroquel xr 400mg for a month presently; I lost the bottle. Will it hurt me to stop cold turkey? As with any drug that helps with mental disorders, it is not clever to just “stop”. You must gradually drop dosage, otherwise you will go into a meltdown, and manic withdrawls. Source(s): I take seroquel, and other…Ive read that you put on alot of consignment using >Seroquel ? but ive never found if you can lose weight aswell, ive just started using seroquel and im already, >fat lol and i dont wanna put like anutha stone or 2 on do i. – i use Seroquel 400mg’s a light of day and I think your right, I have put on…Ive taken seroquel for 8 years immediately and when i forget to filch it at darkness i wake up up vomiting. why do i do this? i took this when diagnosed bi-polar to help me sleep. i cant sleep at all now if i don’t take the pills. i take 50mg a night. I was on Seroquel for a long time for bipolar/OCD/ADHD/OCP, but…Lexapro Seroquel And Marijuana? When I was 15, i took 20 mg lexapro. 150 mg seroquel and smoked weed every few days. Can this cause permanant damage? TAhere was a time when i thought i be hearing things and i always thought ppl were talking in the order of me. Things are getting a bit better tho. What caused the paranoid thinking…(I was Not high…Medication?? bipolar?? seroquel vs. zyprexa? I know how seroquel can make someone feel. Is Zyprexa like Seroquel? I know both can be used to treat bipolar but do they have like side effects or is Seroquel stronger? – I hated both! Zyprexa was significantly less sedating than Seroquel, but it has its own problems – it made me stutter & although it didn’t…Mixing seroquel and concerta next to marijuana? Well I started taking seroquel two nights a go. I took it once . I also take 1-2 Concerta everyday. Well I was told not to ingest any other drugs . But I smoked some weed, i’ve smoked weed pretty regularly for the past three years, I weight 110 pounds . At some point I…My children are on depakote and risperidone they hold ben havin discouraging side effects to the meds.? they are bipolar whats the next medication for them? – Expect a MAJOR weight gain Depakote. Seroquel and lithium also cause extreme wieghtgain. Ugh the horror. I was using depakote and seroquel and i go from 186- 224. i hated my body. Plus…My 12 year antediluvian daughter take seroquel for mood disorder and we a moment ago found out that..? My mom used to take that too. She stopped because her cholesterol. It probably does cause high cholesterol. My advise turn on something lighter. Not as strong. And if your daughter has a addicting personalty get her off those pills ASAP. They are highly addicting. Well for…My daughter is 8 yrs outdated and she be put on seroquel she developed tremors will these jump away? Whats wrong with Dr’s putting a 8 year dated on Seroquel That drug is powerful , I can’t take it cause I can’t stay awake while taking …My dr prescribed me seroquel for a sleep aid but after researching it im startled to purloin it is it a accurate sleep? is it usually used as a sleep aid as well as a antipychotic med? is this normal? I didn’t have a prescription, but i got one form my BF’s mom who is really psychotic..ok I took only ONE and this is…My med seroquel is making me gain counterbalance . my doc threw welbutrin contained by the mix .will that assistance? wellbutrin is an antidepressant and its a big side effect is decreased appetite. Ask your doctor about mortal put on Topomax. Not next to the weight gain persay, but it will up you a little as welbutrin kinda makes a lot of…Ok so I own be on seroquel 400mgs for 2 months and decide to stop is thereanythingI should study out for? decrease it gradually every few days or discuss with doctor how to do this. abruptly stopping meds can hold serious consequences physically and mentally. Source(s): RN ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO TAKE SEROQUEL? okay so, ive been reading up on the drug seroquel, which ive been taking for 3 years. Every summer i have about 3 seizure a day. I read a response to an article saying her son was heat intolerant. I meditate that may be the reason i have seizures only during the summer. What going on for you? How…Overdose on seroquel, lorazepam, & hydrocodone? My cousin is 17yo and just OD-ed. She took 15 seroquel, 3 lorazepam, & 5 hydrocodone. The ambulance just came and got her!! She doesn’t live next to her parents cuz her “mother” is a DRUNK and her step father is a meth head. So she lives with her aunt & uncle. Her “parents” live 2 hours away…Overdose on seroquel? Ive got 23,000 miligrams of seroquel sitting in front of me and im really tempted to take them adjectives and go to sleep. Im so depressed and cant seam to find help here in southern MN. I dont want to call 911 any and i guess i just need someone to talk with online on a day after day basis. Im a…Overdosing on seroquel give somebody the third degree? Sorry I posted this a few minutes ago, but I am just adding that it was an overdose of seroquel I tried and not alcohol or anything else. I attempted suicide when I was younger, almost 7 years ago and I don’t really remember what happened. I remember arriving at the hospital strapped on a…Please aid me, I’m on Seroquel? It causes diabetes and I take it for bipolar. Have any of you gotten off it? How? How do you get past its sell-by date psych meds? Thanks in advance I have diabetes and I take a low dose of seroquel. Not everyone can receive off their psych meds. For me, trying to do that would be like… More Seroquel questions please visit : DrugsFreeFAQ.com


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