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Skelaxin Q&A

Skelaxin Q&A

Does Nabumetone work similar to a muscle relaxer gentle of close to skelaxin…? are the effects of Nabumetone kind of like Skelaxin, zanaflex or basically any kind of muslce relaxer. – No…it’s not a muscle relaxer, it is a anti-inflammatory resembling advil or ibuprofen. It wont give you the same effects as a muscle relaxer Source(s): I’m a pharmacy tech Does skelaxin show up surrounded by a drug examination ? – Skelaxin is not any of the following: Benzodiazepine Barbiturate Opiate/Opioid Amphetamine/Methamphetamine Cocaine … It is not a scheduled substance, and you should not be worried about it showing up on a drug screening. It has little to no knock about potential. They will not be concerned about it, even if they knew…My girl friend took 6 Tylenol PMs and a skelaxin.? Tylenol pm and skelaxin Should I be worried? – Benadryl (diphenhydrAMINE) and Skelaxin (metaxalone) (Moderate Drug-Drug) MONITOR: Central nervous system- and/or respiratory-depressant effects may be additively or synergistically increased in patients taking multiple drugs that cause these effects, especially in elderly or laid up patients. MANAGEMENT: During concomitant use of these…Question give or take a few skelaxin 800 MGS? Does anyone know if Skelaxin 800 MGS helps with cramps? – Skelaxin is a muscle relaxer. Cramps is not one of the usual items it is prescribed for. That doesn’t mean that it won’t work. I would not take it in need a doctor prescribing it. It does have interactions with other drugs. Your…What is Skelaxin? What is it used for? – Muscle spasms and back pain. Source(s): http://www.skelaxin.com/index.aspx?text=?? The skelaxin is a type of drug that is used for muscle relaxant such as pain or injury. If you want to know more around skelaxin, here are links that you can go to. Source(s): http://www.drugs.com/skelaxin.html http://www.healthcentral.com/chronic-pai?? http://www.medicinenet.com/metaxalone/ar?? http://www.everydayhealth.com/drugsAZ/sk??..Why did this come about to me when i took skelaxin smoked marijuana and drank an dash drink? I KNOW IT WAS A VERY STUPID THING TO DO I AM AWARE OF THAT I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHAT CAUSED THIS SO I DONT DO IT AGAIN! first i took one pill of skelaxin because i felt tense (it was my first time taking it)…Im out of backache pills for my vertebrae, also on skelaxin, anything i can transport to get hold of matching effect as a misery pill? No one can answer that question better than a pharmacist. It would be best to call the pharmacy where you got the skelaxin. I own found that pharmacists are so smart, and know more about meds than many doctors!…Is it wrong to nick vicodin, skelaxin, ambien and neurontin at impossible to tell apart time even if they are prescribed? I have a slipped disc so I take the vicodin for the pain, the neurontin for the nerve inflammation, ambien because i hold trouble sleeping and the skelaxin as a muscle relaxant. Sounds to this novice like you just need to supply a…Is skelaxin 800mg not detrimental to bear beside kadian 50mg? Can hydrocodone be used with either skelaxan 800mg or kadian 50mg? – Hydrocodone can be used w/ Skelaxan. Skelaxan is a muscle relaxer and hydrocodone is a type of pain killer. If you’re not sure what you are allergic to , ask your doctor. Your doctor will know best what you obligation. Please…What are the uses for skelaxin(Metaxalone)the sites on it influence a muscle relaxent but also read out “other” uses Im curious what the “other” uses are – Though skelaxin is usually used for muscle injuries (strains, sprains, etc.), there are a few other uses that I am aware of. Skelaxin is sometimes ordered for arthritis to relax muscles, ease pain and reduce…What does the drug skelaxin do? – Skelaxin is the brand name for the drug metaxalone. metaxalone is a muscle relaxant. It works by blocking nerve impulses ( or pain sensations) that are sent to the brain. metaxalone is used, along beside rest and physical therapy, to treat injuries and other painful muscular conditions. it makes you go to the toilet.Can anyone transmit me which is a better med for muscle spasms…Flexeril or skelaxin? – If you’re going to go the natural route try adding magnesium citrate in small doses. The magnesium can support your muscles relax but too much and it works as a laxative. Flexeril is probably the more popular these days but the usual 10mg dose can be cut to…Can i rob dolgic plus and skelaxin together? The only thing I could find regarding this was “The CNS effects of butalbital may be enhanced by monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors. Butalbital, acetaminophen and caffeine may enhance the effects of: other narcotic analgesics, alcohol, broad anesthetics, tranquilizers such as chlordiazepoxide, sedative-hypnotics, or other CNS depressants, causing increased CNS depression. As Skelaxin is a muscle…Can i run skelaxin and Hydrocodone? Is Skelaxin one of those meds that makes you feel “good” or is it like IP proffen? Im suppose to combine them with Hydrocodone. It say to take the skelaxin 3 times a day, will it make me to sleepy to function at work? – the skelaxin is a muscle relaxer and the hydrocodone is a REALLY…I enjoy a friend that took 10 800mg skelaxin (metaxalone)? within a 12 hour period. Is she going to die? She seems to be fine. She’s refusing medical treatment. She doesn’t give the impression of being to be experiencing any symptoms of an overdose. How long does it normally take to begin experiencing those symptoms? She is 5’11” and…If I own cirrosis should I give somebody a lift skelaxin? If you have cirrosis you should see a doctor. Whether you should take Skelaxin (metaxalone) depends on the amount of liver damage you already have due to the cirrhosis. According to the PDR (Physician’s Desk Reference), Skelaxin should be used near caution in patients with hepatic (liver) and/or renal (kidney) impairment.Can you lug tylenol next to skelaxin? I think I have a tension headache. I know skelaxin is a muscle relaxer, but will it help beside the pain or do I need tylenol with it? Skelaxin (metaxalone) cannot be used with any other CNS depressants such as alcohol, antihistamines, oipoid anelgesics, or sedative. In my drug guide it says nothing about any interactions with acetaminophen,…Is it doomed to failure to give somebody a lift the muscle relaxer skelaxin? my husband strained his back earlier today and is in alot of pain.. he is surrounded by the military, so he has two choices either to go to the emergency room or wait a week until he is sour of leave to go see his corpsman. he is given random drug…Is it ok to help yourself to skelaxin if you own hepatitis C…? because my family member was just prescribed skelaxin…but he have hepatitis C..and we heard that one of the side effects from skelaxin is jaundice.which is not good if you have hep. We will obviously bargain to the liver doctor.as soon as possible…but the doctor is not in todayy and…My friend needed to know if skelaxin get you elevated? ?? hell yes no i dont know I D I O T ! ;-( – You’re online, all right, if you want to know something, just say it, don’t say it’s your “friend” 🙂 As for an answer, check out this page: www.rxlist.com/cgi/generic/metax_wcp.h?? That have some info that…Skelaxin…I’m have unnatural aversion!? I usually handle my medications well. But I just get some Skelaxin for muscle pain and my body is freaking out! Like a thousand ants running up and down my legs! Anyone experince this? What can I do to stop it? – I am taking skelaxin and I do not have any of those symptoms. …Skelaxin?!!? i was prescribed skelaxin 3 times a day, and i just wanted to know if i should appropriate it with or without food? thank you. – the insert should say. i have a bottle. It say on it.take with or without food but with plenty of river. If you take it with food it wont be as strong. without food you would…What else can I do for on a daily basis Atypical Migraine?(takinglyrica3xday,fioricet,skelaxin,cymbalta)? my entire right side(fromhead to toes) hurts everyday.i have been to neurologists,rheumatologist,sleepclinic,??diag.as fibromyalgia,but it doesnt fit with my symptoms) now am losing strength surrounded by right arm and leg..it takes both hands to lift agallon.my son,now 14, have beenhaving migraine with similar symptoms i had at his age.(muscle cramping also) i am…Who know going on for skelaxin? Who knows if you can you get high off of Skelaxon the prescription drug It is a muscle relaxer. Sorry you cant. And I importantly don’t recommend it with alcohol. I had a very bad antipathy. Face totally swelled and I turned pink. I was prescribed this for…Do flexeril and skelaxin show up equal contained by a drug tryout? – If it’s is a simple cheap drug test yes. If it gets broken down (doubtful ) they will show up different. If you haven’t taken it yet always hydrate Ur system merely to be sure. I’m fairly sure once when I was tested flexeril didn’t even show up. …Can i appropriate flexeril 20mg & skelaxin 800mg togetheryou close to to ask? that would not be a good idea,since they may contain ingredients that could possibly that may work against each other,and cause serious trouble down the road..ruminate about it,your heart is a muscle itself Source(s): emt-paramedic training Flexeril and Skelaxin are Both Muscle Relaxers, ( Mild) I really don’t see a need…Can you thieve skelaxin and diazapam together..worried nearly interactions? Yes but is stupid since they do the same and will only gain you high together. You can take these two drugs together but it will likely result in fairly moderate sedation. I would also question why you are taking Diazepam, it’s uses are now limited to Epilepsy and for patients in psychiatric caution. …Does skelaxin 800 mg hold anything to do beside penicillin, because i am allergic.? – No, the two have nothing to do with one another. Aside from function (sedative versus antibiotic), the functional groups and overall molecular structure are very different. As a result, they are notably unlikely to cross-antigenic. A quick check on a reputable drug information website confirms that…How much till its mortal? (Tramadol and Skelaxin)? My roomate has been acting depressed and weird the last few days and very soon some of my meds are missing. I was wondering if I should be worried for her and can you really even overdose on these (tramadol aka Ultram: a narcotic-like pain reliever AND skelaxin: a muscle relaxer) and how much does it…Is it lethal to offer your dog a skelaxin? Only one way to find out Yes, never give your dog human pills. The only medication your dog should get is that which your vet has prescribed. perhaps. More Skelaxin questions please visit : DrugsFreeFAQ.com


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