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Strattera Questions & Answers

Strattera Questions & Answers

A creature that take strattera is allowed to drink alcolick drinks? My son is 17 years ols and takes strattegra and some times when he is with friends he starts to drink to much and this concerns me very much – it is recommended that you not drink alcohol at the same time as you purloin your Strattera. Also, it is important to…Adderall or concerta which is more decisive for ADHD? I have a 13 year old daughter with ADHD. She has be on meds since 2nd grade.Started off with Ritalin.Then in 5 level went to Concerta and it was keeping her awake.Then we went to strattera til about 7th category.That didn’t work and she was still staying thin so we are trying adderall,work for a bit…ADHD-Strattera? i took strattera for the first time today: threw up 3 times, felt dizzy non-stop, cant grasp information when i read, small appetite, quiet and listless all day. should i hold on to taking it? it seriously affected my life and i cant deal with these symptoms since im contained by school. cant call my doctor til tomorrow. are these symptoms normal? Yes,…Does Strattera bring counterbalance loss? Headaches? Im a 25 year old woman just starting strattera and wonder what its like…i’ve taken other things before but they be stimulants so i don’t know how different it will be…any info is much appreciated – I take Straterra too. It took me about 6 weeks to get used to it and up to theraputic levels. I…Does strattera bring to the fore heart lick? 7yr. ripened son be on it, terminated up within hospital.? Son was on strattera for ADHD, Impulsivity, ODD. In June, Doctor increased it to 18mg. Was on the increase for 4 days then rushed him to hospital cuz his heart was beating swift. Now his new neurologist wants him on 18mg. Should I…Does strattera or ambien show up on drug test? Only if they’re looking for it. For example if you are a teen beside ADHD and on meds the doctor might check to see if the teen is taking the right dose or not taking it at all. I don’t think so. Drug tests are to find just that…drugs. only if they are…My dr. Just prescribed next to strattera. I merely be diagnosed next to mature ADHD … What can I antipate? From this drug – Not to be negative, but most likely nothing. I am on my third week of Strattera and nothing so far. IF it works it will clutch 4-6 weeks and that would be great, but after reading other review…My ex requirements to try again very soon that he say his anger is beneath control. can strattera facilitate next to anger issues? his psychiatrist says his anger issues are triggered by his ADHD. she says his ADHD causes him to act and speak hastily, and she put him on strattera in an attempt to help him control his anger. i am…Ok i enjoy a 7month older, and i merely started strattera and i want to cry? i have been on it for 4 days, however i am sad, i don’t want to talk, im a stay at home mom, and i usually build my little girl laugh and i sing to her, now im like mad adjectives day SO tired i don’t want to do…Ok so my dad is using strattera…and i dont no what it is.what is it? Hi there..Strattera is a medication used to treat attention deficit disorder, and also some other mood disorders I think. You should read the ADD blog on this site, it mentions strattera and the disorder for which it treats. I don’t think strattera is used as much as…Question around Strattera? Im on strattera. Iwas on 80mg. As of tonight im suposed to start taking 100 mg does anyone else here have any expeirence with this high of a dose of strattera? by the way I weigh 160lbs but im trying (unsuccesfully) to loose solidity Oh aso does anyone know any sighns i should look for that the dosage may…Question going on for Strattera? Im on strattera. Iwas on 80mg. As of tonight im suposed to start taking 100 mg does anyone else here have any expeirence with this high of a dose of strattera? by the way I weigh 160lbs but im trying (unsuccesfully) to loose immensity Oh aso does anyone know any sighns i should look for that…Question in the region of Strattera? Question about Strattera? Im on strattera. Iwas on 80mg. As of tonight im suposed to start taking 100 mg does anyone else here have any expeirence with this high of a dose of strattera? by the style I weigh 160lbs but im trying (unsuccesfully) to loose weight Oh aso does anyone know any sighns i should…Question something like Strattera? I been taking strattera for a while and it said somthing about it stuns/slows or effects a child’s growth/teen or w.e Anyways does it stunt it where I can’t get it vertebrae or if I switch medication can I still regain those lost inches? – Have a go-it’s all you got. Eat bananas to stay healthy, and eat…Should i nick some strattera? my little bro takes it for add i cant focus right now and i got a Mountain of home that my teacher are letting me make up should i take some of his strattera. just this once – Strattera takes around two or three weeks to build up surrounded by your system. It will have…Strattera and Psycosis? I just took 25 mg of strattera and keep thinking im hearing things(im generally paranoid resembling that). Also ive read that it can cause psychosis. Is the psychosis risk with strattera greater than with the older adhd meds. Thanks b.c. if it is i will ry something topical like adderall or concerta. Thanks Strattera is less likely to cause psychosis than other…Strattera and stimulants? I am taking strattera and i like what it is doing for me. I have just been contained by a better state of mind since i have been taking it. It does not however help with my tag on which is why i was put on it. My question is if i can still take strattera and also be prescribed a stimulant?…Strattera or concerta, wich will curtail appetite more? my doctor is thinking of putting me on either strattera or concerta but i want to know wich will reduce my appetite more so i can ask not to be put on it. if anyone know that would be great thanks I’m on Concerta and my appetite is totally normal. That said, its different for everyone. try…Strattera problems urinating? I just started taking strattera and I noticed I have problems urinating. Should I be worried? – no but it is a side affect of the med. i was on it myself give or take a few 3 yrs ago and i had the same issue plus sexual side affects. u also may have a decrease of seamen. Source(s): i…Strattera put somebody through the mill.. heart problems.? i have been taking strattera for 3 days now. the first day i notice i would have to take a leak alot and then my nodes would hurt. consequently today my heart started freaking out and beating really fast and then beating slow and adjectives out of rythm, and my whole body felt funny. what would…Strattera to adderall? if i switched from strattera to adderal would i be able to do just that or would i have to decrease mi strattera next to the adderal to adjust mi body? – It depends on how long you’ve been on the Strattera. Since Strattera isn’t a stimulant it stays in the bloodstream longer and when i switched from it to…Strattera Vs. adderal Which is better? listing the different side effects and effects of strattrea and adderall what are the positives and negative of each compared to eachother? strattera. i used to take it && it worked good, but adderal has a HUGE side effect of depression and anxiety, so my mom took me sour of it. honestly, i have ADD and i havnt…Strattera vs. Stimulants? Why is it that other stimulant meds are abused but strattera isn’t. Is strattera not as good of a med? Does it make ppl tired vs. alert? Im wondering b.c. Im might go on it for anxiety but don’t want to feel groggy. Thanks Hi, Strattera isn’t considered an addictive drug and is not a stimulant, which is why it is…Street importance of strattera? hell… if my friend is gonna sell them, he should at least know how much he can get for them… – Virtually nothing. Strattera is not a stimulant (unlike the other ADHD meds). There is no “high” associated near Strattera. ~Dr. B.~ What are the effects of strattera and other drugs? I’m newly medicated on strattera and was wondering how it interacts with : -alcohol -marijuana -lsd and other drugs. as a precautionary thing for me. Thanks. My son be prescribed that when he was in 6th grade.It was heavily market on TV and now his new doctors call it “STRATERRIBLE”,just mind your Ps and Qs…What are the effects of strattera? I was thinking about taking some as recreational use, for a buzz. I have 40mg pills, how many will it pilfer to f*** me up? wow first off. That is extremely stupid. It can cause heart problems and liver dysfunction and possibly kill you if you abuse it. Don’t be stupid. Source(s): I use to help yourself to it…What do you know just about Concerta? I have ADHD and i just switched from 80 of Strattera to 18 of Concerta, i havnt taken it yet, but is there any side affects? i didnt really pilfer the strattera that much after a couple of months of taking it because of the way it made me feel. ? I don’t have adhd but…What is better for ADHD: Strattera or Ritalin or …? sometimes both strattera and ritalin can cause seizures with too high of a dose or next to people with a history of seizures. Which one has smaller quantity side effects such as seizures and which one is the best tolerated? I have adult ADHD and need to pilfer something to help. Thanks! …What is the best treatment for ADHD: Vyvanse or Concerta? My doctor is going to put me on a stimulant tmr to control my symptoms of ADHD. He first put me on strattera to control my depression, and now is going to either add dexedrine, concerta or vyvanse. Which one, adhd users, is the most effective surrounded by controlling your adhd symptoms? Thanks -…When does strattera start to work? i have been taking starttera for 3 days now 40mg. i feel jittery and tired adjectives the time and the doctor wants me to double up on the the 4th day. i was just wondering when this med starts to see in and if the jitteryness goes away? i dont feel like i am anymore motivated or smaller amount… More Strattera questions please visit : DrugsFreeFAQ.com


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