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Tennessee Proposes New Gun Law Similar to Montana New Gun Law

Tennessee Proposes New Gun Law Similar to Montana New Gun Law

Introduction – Tennessee legislators have started a bill that would exempt all firearms made in Tennessee from federal gun laws if the weapons were intended to remain in Tennessee. This is extremely similar to the new gun law already signed into law in Montana. Utah and other states intend to follow with a similar bill. This is a way to stop the Federal government from doing any more gun control.

Implications – The media is saying this is a challenge for the Federal Supreme Court to get involved. Think this is the media intending to soft peddle it. This type of legislation is intended to severely limit the powers of the Federal government. So the media would have us believe that the Supreme Court will say sorry states you can’t do this and the states will say ok come take our guns away. Childish attempt on the part of the media to deceive us. The states would tell the Supreme Court what powers the constitution allows for the Fed and then go to secession if the court tries to expand these powers contrary to the constitution. The states joined the union many years ago based on the powers the constitution affords to the Fed and all the other powers belong to the states. This was the contract and it had no specific expiration date after which the Fed could do what it wanted. The Fed according to the constitution has no power to regulate firearms; the contrary is the case in that the right to bear arms is guaranteed. The Fed can regulate interstate commerce that crosses state lines but has no power to control commerce within a state. These powers are quite cut and dried and above and beyond some judges twisted deceitful interpretation that meets their goals.

Obama and States Rights– Obama is the dream President when it comes to this sort of legislation. He is quite inexperienced. He was a junior Senator for two years. Junior Senators are on no relevant committees and get to do not much. Some big money thrust him into the Presidency but that does not mean he knows what he is doing. He is indecisive, scared, has a mountain of problems and is hoping the country does not go into civil unrest. This guy can’t even come up with a birth certificate showing he is an American. His plans to fix things economically are idiotic. His advisors have backgrounds with the organizations that caused all the economic trouble to start with. Borrowing caused the trouble and he is trying to fix it with more borrowing. Obama is good for something and Montana has figured out what he is good for and that would be the states taking back their rights and limiting the Federal government powers according to the constitution.

Wait until some state says he has no authority over them because he has no birth certificate to show he is an American. Military members are refusing to follow his orders based on this now. Obama trying to ignore this birth certificate issue hoping it will go away is just another manifestation of him being the right guy to have in the White House for states rights movements. He has little popular support now and wait another six months to see how really unpopular he becomes. He breaks campaign promises like the best of them. He is accused of being a muslim and a non-American citizen. Hillary hates him and is just using him to get a shot at the presidency next election, so he has enemies within his ranks and this is not the sharpest pencil in the box to start with. He is going around yelling at the tax havens that accounted for about 1% of the economic damage that happened in the USA. Gosh he wants a scapegoat real bad. Shame he can’t even pick a viable scapegoat. So it looks like Obama is doomed to failure. Let’s hope a lot of states can intensify his failure by severely limiting the power of the Fed and/or seceding. This the bankers and his handlers do not want.

What About Secession – If the Federal courts try to void out the states right concerning firearms or otherwise, the states will resort to secession. At some point the states may have to grab a gun to enforce their rights. The Federal government is always out there first with guns offering a violent unilateral solution to problems. Try telling them to practice gun control and see how many guns they point at you fast. I would say Montana would be right there armed and ready to stick up for their rights. Obama is not one to stand up to those standing up to him. Montana will win hands down if they as the saying goes “stick to their Guns”. Obama would never do what Lincoln did and attack those states seceding from the Union. The states that secede will probably join together making new nations, eventually.

So the states are finally holding the feet of the federal government to the fire. Either the fed quits and behaves constitutionally (only in your dreams will this ever happen), or they ignore the states and let them do as they please (most probable outcome) or they go nuts like Lincoln and show their war monger nature and attack using police and/or military to force compliance upon the states trying to free themselves. The last alternative is very unlikely. This would let the cat out of the bag and people would see how evil they can get when they want something. The people in the USA would never forgive this and the military would probably never fight such a fight. Very unlikely. Secession is also what the states are relying on the counter martial law. Martial law would basically shut down the state legislatures and government. They do not want to be irrelevant. The states rights legislation allows for them to declare the federal government illegal and irrelevant in the event of martial law. They would then reorganize themselves and/or the other states under the constitution thus seceding. This could be accomplished in a few days unless the feds sent agents to prevent the legislature from meeting. This of course moves the USA into a full illegal dictatorship role, which I doubt they would want to assume. Again look to them to do nothing since they do not have any good options.

Let’s Talk Taxes and Secession – How this would play is interesting. If the states secede for sure they are not going to assume their portion of the debt to the private bankers called the Federal Reserve Bank. This means the Federal Reserve Bank loses face. Their debt would be considered to be illegal gains as a result of their ponzi scheme called the Federal Reserve Bank, which is also a tax haven as well. The states that secede will of course start banks and rest assured there will be bank secrecy and numbered accounts. Further believe they will not share information with the USA who will probably be trying to collect back taxes from their constituents. More fun and games. New secret banking system and of course a new currency. You think that Obama and Hillary can deal with this? Name one thing that they were right about so far? See what I mean.

Other Things to Look For

Money – The states will start to “coin” their own money in Gold and Silver. This is constitutional money. This is another fight the fed will not want because it will illuminate the unconstitutional nature of their money and of course its worthlessness. Obama will look the other way on this. He is a supporter of fiat money and as long as the states do not go to fiat money he will not care.

Drugs – States will begin to legalize drugs. The legalization will vary from state to state. Generally expect personal use of “soft” drugs only. The Fed will not like this. Fights will ensue similar to California and their legal medical marijuana.

Health Care – States will assert their right to alternative health care and begin to license all sorts of alternative health care providers. Much more than what is seen today.

Banks – States will begin to open banks that do not have FDIC and are not subject to any Federal rules and regulations.

-Aurelia Masterson, www.panamalaw.org

Aurelia Masterson is an associate of Panama Legal law firm (http://www.panamalaw.org). She has years of experience in the field and now shares her observations of current events, politics, and law with the Internet community. She can be contacted at: [email protected].

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