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The Cure for Insomnia movie presents answers to insomnia and what do you do to help you sleep

The Cure for Insomnia movie presents answers to insomnia and what do you do to help you sleep

If you have insomnia what do you do to help you sleep?


make your body busy in doing physical work till it gets tired,

do some meditation,

I will go to bed only when i get sleep .do not sleep in afternoons.

make my bed room more piecefull, calm ,dim lighted .

if i have any probs which make me think of it and not allowing to sleep,theni will work on it .


Herbal tea seems to work for me. or if that doesn\’t work i will just listen to the presidential race. super yawn.


I suggest you make your bed time around 2 hours earlier. you also should lay off coffees and teas. dont take naps in the morning. watch a TV documentary that do not interest you at all or you could try to read a very boring, very slow-paced book…..

Important fact: and from the moment that you feel that you are a little bit sleepy, grab that chance to lay on your bed.

I usually get insomnia if i have a lot of things in my mind.. be it a problem I cant solve or just plain daydreaming of the day ahead of me…. so try to think about nothing.

if all else fail, ask help from your doctor

The main things that eliminate my insomnia are:

– Drinking sufficient water throughout the day ensuring a good flush of the kidneys

– Eliminate the high or extreme stress in my life

– Exercise and lose some weight

– relax before bed with Chamomile tea to

Make sure your bedroom is quiet and dark. Soak a tablespoon of mint leaves in a cup of water for an hour, drink every night.

Insomnia is often caused by fear, stress, anxiety, medications, herbs, caffeine, depression or sometimes for no apparent reason.

A lot of times if I get one part of me really tired, the rest of me follows…so I usually concentrate on one part…my eyes (reading, tv, video games), my legs (running, squats, lunges), my arms (lifting weights, push-ups)…

A different thing works every night…sometimes its watching tv, sometimes its going on a walk, sometimes reading a book….

When it\’s really bad I try Tylenol PM or a little warm milk (sometimes with a splash of liquor).

tiring out the eyes usually works the best….working out sometimes wakes you up more then it puts you to sleep…

Hes tried everything. Wearing some kind of funky mask at nite, taking pills. His breathing actually stops while hes sleeping for a minute or so.

I have a friend that is 80 years old. She suffers from sleep aphnia.

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