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The Stock Wizards Reviews Medical Marijuana Company Cannabis Science (CBIS)

The Stock Wizards Reviews Medical Marijuana Company Cannabis Science (CBIS)

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After researching this company, The Stock Wizards was shocked to learn of the many uses of medical cannabis, often referred to as medical marijuana.


The product is medical cannabis – a term which encompasses a wide variety of products, ranging from plants grown by patients for their own use to pharmaceutical products developed from one or more of the cannabinoid compounds found in the whole cannabis plant.


This is an exciting time for cannabinoid research. Cannabinoids are the (psycho) active ingredients in cannabis. The best-known cannabinoid is THC, tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the magic ingredient that causes one to feel high. Cannabinoids act as a bio regulatory mechanism for most life processes, which explains why medical cannabis has been recommended as a treatment for many diseases and ailments in anecdotal reports and scientific literature. Some of these ailments include: Pain, arthritic conditions, migraine headaches, anxiety, epileptic seizures, insomnia, loss of appetite, GERD (chronic heartburn), nausea, glaucoma, AIDS wasting syndrome, depression, bipolar disorder (particularly depression-manic-normal), multiple sclerosis, menstrual cramps, Parkinson’s, trigeminal neuralgia (tic douloureux), high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, and bladder incontinence.


Technical Outlook:

Medical marijuana has been a hot topic on Capitol Hill. CBIS is forming a very nice double bottom right at the bottom of the range, which makes this a very low risk trade. A weekly close above the 50-day moving average of .18 cents should get the momentum traders attention. Minor resistance .20, weekly support .10. We are watching for volume and news for indication of a breakout.  Any news out of Capitol Hill on this subject matter and this stock will explode immediately. If you’re building a list of Medical Marijuana stocks, put this at the top. With a market cap of only 8 million there is plenty of upside here.




Millions of people are suffering needlessly because they cannot get access to medical cannabis (medical marijuana). CBIS wants to provide them with FDA approved cannabis medicines that are both safer and in many cases more effective than those currently available.


Cannabis Science – CBIS is dedicated to working with Federal, State, and Local regulatory agencies as well as entities such as the FDA and Health Canada in

order to not only ensure top of the line products for MMJ patients at a state level, but

also to bring new, FDA approved cannabis based pharmaceuticals to market that could eventually be covered under healthcare.



CBIS is rapidly expanding in five divisions:


1. Horticulture Division — Pharmaceutical Grade Medical Cannabis Grown Under Stringent Quality Controls.


2. Analytical Labs — State Of The Art Facilities For Developing Cannabis Based Extracts and Pharmaceutical Grade Drugs.


3. Manufacturing — Cutting Edge Facilities For Creating Oral and Topical Medications For Various Ailments.


4. Clinical Trials — Initial Clinical Trials for FDA Approval Will Target Veterans Suffering From Chronic Pain and PTSD.


5. Distribution — In State Dispensaries Today, National Pharmacies Tomorrow.

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