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Topamax questions and answers

Topamax questions and answers

Does the prescription medication topamax alter a woman’s time? Not the prescription dear, however the mundane use of Topiramate (Topamax) in normal dose (for example 25 miligrams BD as starting dose) CAN cause some irregularities in the mestrual term. (although it is not a frequent side effect), however it is always wise to discard pregnancy BEFORE starting to use such a complex substance, because…Does topamax aid? Let me give an account you this. I tell people that I would NEVER go back to my old-fashioned life before topimax. I used to get the worst migraines , at least 3 times a week, immediately I don’t get any. I used to take 15 aleve at a time and up to 30 a day. Now if I get a…Does Topamax breed individuals aggressive and denote? my husband takes topamax and gabapentin for seizures lately he has been thoroughly mean towards to me.(not abusive he just yells for no reason) this is not him he is usally drastically loving and caring man but lately he has been making me feel close to i need to leave or something. yes, it causes mood swings…Does topamax generate you lose weightiness if so how much did you lose next to it.? Yes!! Topomax does make you lose weight during the initial 6 months or so. It is a dramatic loss so be awfully VERY careful about your diet!! I lost about 35pounds when I was first put on it for migraines/siezure government. It did wonders…Does topamax help out beside depression and shipment loss? i just got a prescription for topamax yesterday. my p doc thinks it will help near appetite suppression and to help my depression with mood stabilization. Its for the seizures and its suppose to help prevent migraines topiramate is indicated for the treatment of seizures and migraines. It can also be used for the…Does topamax really serve beside counterweight loss? It does in some people. It is an anti seizure medication that is also used to prevent migraines. Decreased appetite is a possible side effect–possible. http://www.topamax.com/ – Absolutely. I don’t know why you were prescribed Topamax, but I assure you that it causes rapid and dramatic weight loss. So much…Does topamax work all right for bipolar? Never used it for my bipolar I use it for my migraines I use Wellbutrin, Depakote, and Abilify for my bipolar (I have an extreme form of bipolar) i personally own not taken this drug, it is comonly used for migrane headaches but i have a friend who does take it for bi polar and she says…Does topamax work capably for bipolar? Yes. It also helped me lose weight- I lost my appetite. The worst side effect I had from it be losing words, losing vocabulary. It has to do with the way it effects your brain chemistry. It’s a good prescription, though. The those who answered you are WRONG. Topamax is for a number of issues.Questions around topamax? Has anyone been on it? What where you on it for? I just got put on it for my headache, and was wondering what to expect. Did it help with your headaches. Also my doctor said something more or less it suppressing my appetite. Did it do this to you? – I take as preventative med for atypical migraines, as…Side effects of topamax? Has anyone had side effects whist on topamax – I am having the same memory recall issues as Miss Zoe and I am single taking 50 mg per day! They also make me incredibly sleepy, which is why I have to take them at hours of darkness before I go to bed. The only other side effect…Taking Topamax and working out? I have been taking topamax now and have lost over 40lbs next to no migraines in between . . . wow how wonderful, but I have been working out for over a month and feel similar to I have hit a brick wall. You would think I would be dropping even more weight. I understand the muscle…Taking topamax for migraines but it’s out of action? Okay for 30 days. cleansing by: water therapy – drink 4 glass of water (160 mm) after wake up; then take breakfast after 45 min. take squalene capsule ones a daylight together with water above mentioned (ask drug stone especialy chinese or japanese drug store ) to remove topamax effect fasting – change food…Topamax and Marijuana fruitless trip? I recently had the most life changing and horrible experience of my energy..ok so i had been on topamax for migraines for about a month and was on 50mg each day and I smoked alot of weed one day with friends but then they left my house right afterwards so i be left alone..and I felt pretty okay for the…Topamax and xanax ok to transport together? My doctor has prescribed xanax and topamax but in different visit’s and I wonder if they are ok to take together. – I hope he pays attention when he wrote the Xanax. It has be my observation that medical doctors know far too little when they prescribe psychiatric drugs like Xanax. The way…Topamax debt symptoms? I have been on topamax for 3 years. I went from 100mg to 50mg a year ago after reading side effects. But 4 1/2 days ago i quit taking it when the prescription ran out (at the 50 mg). For the ending 4 days i have had horrible headaches not migranes, been EXHAUSTED sleeping adjectives day.. my stomach is bloated out (i…Topamax for anxiety and its side effects? Today my doctor prescribed 25 mg of topamax to take at night for anxiety. I usually would not consider medication, except that it has I have have this anxiety disorder with a severe case of anorexia for two years now and regular therapy is simply given up the ghost for me. Has anyone had any success with this…Topamax Long-term side effects? What are long-term side effects of overdose topamax? Does anyone know? – Some damage to connective tissue, coarsening of facial features and enlargement of the gums may also appear over a long period of use. The formation of kidney stones are all possible. But these are for regular use. There are no real binding effects of Topamax OD once…Topamax side effects? i’ve just been put on topamax to try andprevent migrianes but ive been reading about adjectives the side effects of this medication. just wondering what side effects people have experienced, how long the lasted, if they be severe side effects,etc. the more details the better! thanks heaps! – Side effects Include: Unusual sensations, such as burning or tingling (paresthesias) –…Topiramate vs topamax? Is within a difference? They gave me the generic brand, Topiramate. But I have always taken Topamax (over 2 to 3 years now) Sometimes generics have different side effects after the name brand. Is there a big difference? I can’t take these back b/c they are not surrounded by a sealed package. But I would love some help.What are some annul symptoms of topamax? – Your aunt needs to get her prescription refilled immediately. Possible repeal symptoms include seizure, headaches, tingling, sleeplessness, nightmares, rapid heart rate, increased blood pressure, restlessness and anxiety. These symptoms can occur within as little as one day. Source(s): http://www.topix.com/forum/drug/topamax/?? http://www.drugs.com/pro/topamax.html welll your not suppose to abruptly stop the medication ,…What generic medication can I whip instead of topamax? I not only have difficulties with migraines, but I have headache 24/7. Seizures are not an immediate issue for me. But money is. I am about to lose my insurance and am on 50mg of topamax a day. That’s $340.00 a month. Any suggestions? Natural or generic. – …What help near numbness within foot due to side effect to topamax? When i take topamax for my migraine one of the side effectes is numbness in my feet, what helps? There isnt really much you can do. Being that it is a side effect. When you feel it coming on try walk or move your foot around. If you they perist longer than…What is a liberating dose of Topamax? How many milligrams of Topamax is a therapeutic level? – The dose of topamax used depends on the reason for its use, and the individual patient’s response to treatment. For example, I steal it for chronic neuropathic pain (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) and I take 50mg twice a day. Somebody else taking it for migraines…What is a well-mannered form of birth control to use while taking a prescription close to topamax? My doctor recently put me on Topamax and told me that it will reduce the effectiveness of the bc I am currently taking. He also told me about the severe birth defect that can occur if there is conception while on Topamax. I was thinking about an IUD…What is the dose (mgs) of Topamax where on earth consignment loss starts? I’m on 25 mg of Topamax for migraines (taken every night). I’m probably going to increase the Mg’s to keep the migraines at bay, but I’d also like to see a weight loss too. Just curious! – I took topamax and at 25mg it didn’t do anything for…Where can i buy Topamax ? or does it have to be prescribed to u by a doctor?? No, you can get it on-line http://www.google.com/products?q=Topamax?? don’tyou know you can get anything on-line lacking an Rx? I ordered topamax here http://usdrugs.biz/category/general_health/topamax Yes, it is prescribed med but I have not insurance this year :((( It has to be prescribed…While taking abilify, did you experience blurred perception? i have been taking ir for almost a week now and am experiencing blurred vision and i grain high like im on drugs and confusion. i also am taking topamax and benzotropine. the blurred vision is blurry with things close up. if you experienced any of this how long did it lug it to go away…Why is topamax contraindicated for bipolar disorder? i want to know the same thing lol. i used to take it when i was eleven, when it be new and being tested, but i only took it for depression, then found out nation took it for other things. In studies of healthy volunteers, comparing the two medications, therapeutic doses of topiramate for bipolar disorder…Will i lose counterweight from topamax? im 5’4″ and about 122 pounds, will i lose weight from taking Topamax. i already diet and exercise a bit. my doctor gave me the medicine for migraines and motion sickness but he told me i’ll lose immensity from it like 7-15 pounds. is this true? I’m 5’2″ and weighed about the same as you when I started taking…Will Topamax, beside dieting and walking help out me lose plentifully of immensity? I’m WAY over weight. I’m 16 only 5’3” and weigh like 218 so I really want to lose A LOT of weight. My doctor put me on topamax for my headache and he said that might help me drop like 50 pounds. So I was really happy around that. So I decided… More Topamax questions please visit : DrugsFreeFAQ.com


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