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What Is The Best ADHD Therapy Available ?

What Is The Best ADHD Therapy Available ?

Do some research on the effects of medications used for ADHD therapy and you will be shocked at the lack of up to-date information available. What really shocked me was the fact that there seems to be a real shortage of trials on the adverse effects of these drugs and that most seem to be based on four months of treatment. Some trials have been limited to those who have no intolerance to stimulants or who respond to stimulants in any case. Yet Ritalin has been on the market for over forty years!

National Institute of Drug Abuse study Let me tell you about another study. It was carried out by the University of Colorado and the National Institute of Drug Abuse. This study was to see whether the drug Concerta had a beneficial effect on children and adolescents who were both ADHD and had had a history of substance abuse (cocaine, marijuana and alcohol). There were over 300 teenagers involved.

The results were surprising in that the treatment group on Concerta after 16 weeks showed no improvement when compared to the placebo group. The study seems to suggest that Concerta is of use at all with this type of ADHD teenager who has a problem of substance abuse. Other studies on Ritalin show that after about two years, there is little or no benefit in the ADHD child continuing with this ADHD therapy.

Doubts about Ritalin and Concerta As Ritalin and Concerta are just basically amphetamines, there are many questions to be addressed and there are not many answers about the best ADHD therapy. Many parents look for ADHD alternative therapy because they are not convinced that powerful mind altering drugs are the answer and are worried about side effects and health risks.

How come there are so many ADHD children being diagnosed nowadays? This is a really hard question to answer. Parenting styles have changed and society demands that children behave in a certain way. There is pressure from teachers and doctors to find an adequate solution to the problem. Labels seem to make things so much easier!

ADHD meds will not cure ADHD So, medication with prescription drugs which are no more than psychostimulants does not seem to be the best ADHD therapy. Some doctors and pediatricians actually claim that ADHD symptoms can be alleviated with the use of theses drugs in up to 80% of cases. This is a hotly debated issue and while symptoms of inattention and restlessness and fidgeting seem to be alleviated, they are certainly no cure for ADHD

ADHD homeopathic remedies Actually the best ADHD alternative therapy is a combination of behavior therapy with some medication. That medication should preferably be homeopathic remedies where there are no side effects or health risks at all. Maybe you have a pretty narrow view about this type of treatment. Why not visit my site and find out more about what is probably the best ADHD therapy available.

Discover what is the best ADHD therapy available. Experts now tell us that child behavior programs combined with a natural treatment for ADHD is by far the most effective ADHD treatment. Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD.

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