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Why Physicians Oppose Medical Marijuana

Why Physicians Oppose Medical Marijuana

If you are wearing medical uniforms, with health on top of your mind, will you suggest the use of cannabis to your patient? While the American Medical Association and other big health organizations supporting further research on any therapeutic benefits, physicians too, should have a clear stand on this issue.

As we can see, more and more states and cities in the U.S. are drafting and passing bills that would legalize ganja. However, amidst debate, pot shops are selling marijuana like candies; and they are sprouting like mushrooms. Within the 13 states where there is an existing marijuana law, its legal status is still behind the smoke. In fact, some so called patients end up in jails.

Why should doctors take a firm stand? Primary reason, marijuana is listed as Schedule I in federal drug laws, which means it has no legitimate medical use. Secondly, no medical authority recognizes it as effective treatment for any condition. It may bring some easing effects on patients with long list of diseases, medical conditions or symptoms, but scientific evidence is lacking.

Many physicians give their opinions why they are against it.  Medical marijuana procon website listed some of what physicians say about the issue. Richard Carmona, MD, U.S. Surgeon General, told New York Times Magazine, “I approach [the medical marijuana issue] not as a legal issue, but as a health issue and I cannot recommend to anyone that they smoke. First of all, smoking is so bad for you. I can’t say it would be safe to eat [marijuana], because no one has studied the long or short-term gastrointestinal effects.”

With the studies done on heroin, however, medical experts likewise opened the door for cannabis. What should this tell? That we wait until there is solid proof about the medical advantages of marijuana before it is widely and legally marketed. We are not closing doors on the possible medical gains. But it is also important to always go by what FDA says as safe drugs.

At this point though, what we can see is that pot vendors and users took advantage of legalization possibilities. Sadly, its effects are taking toll in communities, especially the young groups.

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